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My email this morning is chock full of news about sales and special offers from retailers like Best Buy and Williams Sonoma – one indication among many that A key date for US retail has arrived. Labor Day is an opportunity for many workers to enjoy free time from their employers. But many of them will also use the day not just for rest. But also as an opportunity to take advantage of sales and other purchase opportunities at major retailers. This is why many of you may want to know that on this year’s Labor Day, open stores include everything from Apple to Best buy and The Container Store, as well as Macy’s, Target and many others.

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Which shops are open on Labor Day – the highlights

Among the major closures to be aware of today, many banks will close both their in-person and drive-thru locations for Labor Day (although the drive-thru ATM service shouldn’t be affected). Restaurants also sometimes use today as an opportunity to offer shorter hours. The position of Chick-fil-A near my apartment, for example, did not open today for breakfast and will close early – at 8pm, instead of the normal closing time of 10pm.

One great retail closure to be aware of for Labor Day is Costco. All of its stores are closed today, according to the company. In the meantime, here’s a snapshot of some of the major retail brands that will be open:

Target and Walmart

Most of the locations of both of these retailers are open today. But be sure to double check your local stores to confirm. Each brand’s stores close at 10pm and 8pm, respectively, in my area, and Labor Day didn’t affect that.

Apple Store

Most of the iPhone maker’s retail stores will be open on Labor Day. And indeed there are too a series of offers scheduled for the vacation you will want to check out if you haven’t done so yet.

Best buy

Most of the consumer electronics retailer’s locations will be open on Labor Day. Normal hours of operation tend to run from approximately 10:00 to 20:00.


Most Macy’s stores will also remain open on Labor Day. Again, as with all of these listings, double-check your local store details to confirm.

CVS / Ritual Aid / Walgreens

If you need to pick up a prescription or rush for any other fast food items or essentials, luckily several large pharmacy chains will also be open on Labor Day. These three chains may have limited daily hours in some areas due to the pandemic. coronavirus, but many may also have 24-hour locations.

Whole Foods / Trader Joe’s

The health-conscious food chains of whole foods and Trader Joe’s are popular year-round with conscientious shoppers. And both Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are expected to follow their normal hours during Labor Day, which tend to run until 10pm and 9pm respectively (though perhaps with some exceptions).

Kroger / Publix / Lowe’s

Speaking of food chains, most of the locations of these popular food retailers should be open today as well. Local Kroger stores near me close at 11pm, though yours may be different, while Lowe’s and Publix tend to close at 10pm local time. Again, check the opening hours of one of these stores near you before you go shopping to be sure.


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