Apple breaks ground on new store in North Carolina – News Block

Apple will build a new Apple Store in North Carolina to replace one that closed.

The Cupertino-based company recently unveiled the construction of an Apple Store in Birkdale Village, NC. The new store will be part of an effort to redevelop the area with new retail stores, including the Cheesecake Factory, Lilly Pulitzer, Anthropologie and more. The Birkdale Village is an open-air hub that includes around sixty stores, including Sephora, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Barnes & Noble, Lovesac, Warby Parker and more.


Birkdale Village is only eight miles from a recently closed Apple Store. Apple’s SouthPark retail store is still open, albeit on the other side about 17 miles away. There is no word on the official square footage and layout, but it is believed that the store will adopt new principles like those of Battersea and Tyson. A message on Apple’s website indicates that the new North Carolina store will open in early 2024.

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