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Apple Expands 5G mmWave Component Vendors for Wide International ‘iPhone 13’ Deployment

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Apple has reportedly now selected five separate component vendors to enable the upcoming “iPhone 13” lineup to include the fastest 5G mmWave in more territories.

All iPhone 12 models include 5G, but only those sold in the US come with the significantly faster mmWave version. Now, buyers in at least a few more international countries can look forward to mmWave in the next “iPhone 13” range, as Apple ramps up its component orders.

According to Digitimes, Apple now says have placed orders with the Austrian manufacturer AT&S. Previously, the company supplied Apple with motherboards and SiP (System in Package) for the iPhone, and will now produce AiP (Antenna in Package) for 5G models.

Five vendors are reportedly producing AiP substrates for the next iPhone.

  • AT&S
  • Semco
  • LG Innotek
  • Kinsus interconnection technology
  • Unimircon technology

Each of the five is believed to eventually receive the same number of orders from Apple. Unspecified sources said Digitimes Asia that 60% of “iPhone 13” models will include mmWave, and that this equates to about 90 million phones.

Each mmWave 5G iPhone will require four separate AiP components, meaning a total order among the five vendors for 360 million Antenna in Package substrates.

DigiTimes generally provides accurate information on Apple’s supply chain. It has a noticeably poorer track record for predicting Apple’s product plans. Wednesday’s report is more about the former than the latter.

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