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Apple Says Its Hybrid Work Model Holds Up, Despite Employee Pressure

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Apple has told employees that it does not intend to backtrack on its new hybrid work model, which will allow employees to work from home two days a week, but requires them to be in the office for the other three. . This comes after employees backed off, saying they wanted more flexible job options.

Although employees want the option of working remotely full time, Deirdre O’Brien, senior vice president of retail + people, has told them that it is not an option because “in-person collaboration is essential to [Apple’s] culture and our future “.

A new report from The edge O’Brien says he delivered the message in a video that was recorded and shared with employees. Apple has historically been very much against the prospect of people working remotely, unlike many other companies in their field. The COVID-19 pandemic caused Apple to rethink things for obvious reasons, but all that’s been done is showing employees the benefits of working from home and they want more.

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Apple doesn’t just want people in the office for collaboration reasons. It’s easier to control leaks when everyone, and everything, is locked inside Apple Park. The company is in the midst of yet another leak barrage and will go to any lengths to make sure its secrets stay like this: secrets. We’ve already seen iPhone 13 leaks in various forms, for example.

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