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Apple’s largest iPhone production site has been hit by flooding

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Floods in central China have temporarily affected Apple’s largest iPhone manufacturing site.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, Foxconn has been affected by the floods with temporary power cuts to production. Workers at the production center say, however, that the damage appears to be limited.

However, damage to the manufacturing center in Zhengzhou city, Henan province, appeared limited, workers said. Taiwan-based Foxconn Technology Group operates three factories in the city with hundreds of thousands of workers, many of them living on factory campuses, which produce more than half of the world’s iPhones, according to analysts.

Foxconn said it has implemented an emergency response plan for flood control, but there has been no direct impact on its facilities from the flooding.

Despite the flood, it appears that production of Apple’s next iPhones is slated for a regular September release. A report today said that mass production of the iPhone 13 line is on target for Apple’s pre-pandemic launch schedule.

Mass production of this year’s new iPhones will also begin in August, in line with Apple’s usual pre-pandemic production schedule. Apple could produce up to 95 million units between then and the end of January, although sources stressed that such forecasts are subject to revision. For all of 2021, Apple aims to build up to 230 million iPhones, including new and existing models, a growth of 11% over last year, sources told Nikkei Asia.

Apple is expected to announce the new iPhone 13 in September. The latest iPhone is expected to feature a new 120Hz display, a smaller notch, longer battery life, and a huge camera system.

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