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An arcade machine full of nostalgia.

Arcade1Up NBA Jam Anniversary Deluxe Edition.

Arcade1Up is back with another variant on one of their most popular arcade cabinets. Yes, we are talking about the new. nba jam 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition, arriving later this year just in time for the start of the 2023-24 NBA season.

The original nba jam The arcade machine was an instant hit when it arrived in 2020, thanks to it coming with three games and a sleek design. However, the company improved that even further with the highest edition of SHAQ last year.

And while this new model isn’t NBA-sized, it’s still bigger than the original and comes with several cool upgrades that Arcade1Up fans will appreciate. These include a taller design, fun side-by-side graphics, and illuminated buttons.

According to Arcade1Up, the 30th Anniversary Deluxe model shown today will allow NBA fans to enjoy the glory days like never before. That’s because he still has the same three nba jam, NBA JAM Tournament Editionand NBA DOWNTIME games that everyone loves.

I am very excited to see this machine finally come with light buttons out of the box instead of customers being dependent on third party mods. This will make it feel even more like those classic arcade machines from the 90’s. Better yet, it also has light up fake coin doors.

So like many arcade cabinets released lately, the new nba jam 30th Deluxe is Wi-Fi compatible, which means you can play with up to three other players at the same time.

When it comes to specs and overall size, you’ll be happy to know that it’s bigger than the original and smaller than the SHAQ model. Original by Arcade1Up nba jam The arcade cabinet is just 58 inches tall, and that’s with the custom riser. For comparison, the SHAQ model is 67 inches tall.

For the 30th anniversary, we’re in the middle, as it’s 63 inches tall and doesn’t come with a riser. And every time you do a wild dunk on the 17-inch screen, you’ll hear the crowd go wild thanks to the dual dynamic speakers.

This amazing arcade machine is available for pre-order today for $649, but unfortunately, it won’t ship until October 6, 2023. Order yours from the link below.

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