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Arielle Vandenberg: What’s in my bag?

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Arielle vandenberg is ready for the beach. She is hostess Love island from Hawaii, so she’s ready to hit the sand anytime with everything she has in her beach bag (which was a economic robbery at Target). The 34-year-old California native carries Wet Ones and Cleanly Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer with her at all times along with Haus Laboratories lip gloss and lip gloss. Kiehl Ultimate Strength Hand Balm.

Check out her other beach bag essentials below and in the video above.

Snack time essentials
The hostess is never hungry and carries Organic White Cheddar Popcorn, Muana Loa Milk Chocolate Macadamia Nuts, and Smart Snacks Peach Rings in her purse.

Best friend of a writer
“I always carry a notebook with me. So I have my notebook because I’m constantly writing different sketches and things that I might want to photograph while I’m here or with my fiancé. [Matt Cutshall]. We have lots of ideas for lots of random things, so I write them down in my handy notebook.

The return hat
“[Bucket hats] They’re back, and I feel like they’re here to stay I am so obsessed with the bucket hat, especially since it is corduroy. … You get a little sun protection, but you also look so cute. “

UV protection Glam
“My favorite pair of sunglasses, I can’t stop wearing them. Me Garrett Leight x Clare V Collaborations, Sunglasses. Oh, they are dirty. But how cute are these? “she asked.” I usually wear 50 pairs of sunglasses when I go on a trip and this time I only brought one pair. That says a lot, because they are the reference pair of the season. “

Security First
“This is probably the first thing he should have shown because it is very, very important. Kids, wear your sunscreen and it smells like a dream, ”he said of her. Sun Bum sunscreen. “That is my favorite brand. It smells so good. Oh my God. That makes me want to swim. “

Arielle Vandenberg: What's in my bag?

Arielle Vandenberg attends the premiere of Netflix’s ‘El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie’ in Los Angeles on October 7, 2019. CHRISTIAN MONTERROSA / EPA-EFE / Shutterstock

Rubber gloves
“I feel like COVID is one of [reasons] … If there’s something I really say, ‘Oh, I’m not going to touch that,’ I say, ‘Well, I have gloves.’ Or if you find trash on the beach and want to be a Good Samaritan. If I’m at the beach and I see a nasty garbage bag or, like, a Doritos bag, I say, ‘No, I’ll get it.’

He added: “I always find injured animals in the world. I know it sounds strange, but I always find something strange that I don’t want to touch with my own hands. So I always say, ‘I have gloves.’

What else is in the Vandenberg beach bag? She has her essential face mask, of course, along with vitamin C gel packs, a bottle of water, a portable charger, and a scrunchie. For more information, watch the exclusive video above.

Love island airs Sunday and Tuesday through Thursday on CBS at 9 pm ET.

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