Aristocrats finance the “backlash” of critical race theory

Credit: Evelyn Hockstein / Reuters

In the aftermath of Republican Glenn Youngkin’s Virginia Governor victory last week, many pundits accredited a revolt against the critical theory of race as the key to the electoral success of the former Carlyle Group executive. But hardly anyone is talking about how critical racial theory was largely a matter of “artificial turf” created by GOP agents with a backlash funded by billionaire donors.

The anti-CRT movement has come down with a vengeance this year in suburban school board meetings and Fox News programming. And while the movement may present itself with a local face, many of its most effective advocacy groups are backed by rich and well-connected supporters, right down to its connections to the billionaire Koch family.

The Daily Beast has identified eight newly created anti-CRT groups that operate locally across the country but have ties to right-wing ideological aristocrats and political agents. Their supporters include former Donald Trump administration officials, an executive of a notorious DC lobbying firm, as well as a Koch entity. […]


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