Around the world, tens of thousands of people are rising up against COVID TYRANNY this weekend – VIDEO – The Right Scoop


From Milan to Tbilisi, from Austria to Australia. There are protests every week, every day, everywhere in the world against the endless restrictions and oppression of governments that have taken over covid to take more power for themselves, imposing draconian lockdowns, vaccine passports and more in the name of an idea of security that can never be achieved and which poles are constantly moving.

How many “two weeks to stop the spread” do we have right now? I lost count.

But Aaron Ginn, a former political agent and current commentator, today shared videos from around the world of people standing up against tyrants.



The Democrats and their allies in the media have successfully convinced much of America that these restrictions are normal and that the protesters are insane, using phrases like “anti-vaxxer” or “conspiracy theorists” or saying it’s part of the “Great. lie “as they call objections to electoral fraud. The government has blocked us with restrictions, but it is the media that has blocked us as a people.

All over the world, people are on the streets night after night refusing to quietly enter dystopia. If we don’t break free from the chains of CNN, will we ever see it here?

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