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Arsenal 2021/22 Transfer Goals: Is Mikel Arteta Looking For The Right Players?

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Fans weren’t even surprised after seeing that Arsenal failed to qualify for the Europa League last season. A club with such a rich history has become a joke club for many in recent seasons.

In December 2019, Arsenal brought in Mikel Arteta in the hope that he could turn things around for the Gunners, instead the situation has now worsened. Earlier this week, Arsenal lost 2-1 in a preseason match against Hibernian FC, a small Scottish club.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, which is why Arteta has set out to do his best in the summer transfer window before the 2021/22 season. Although the big question still remains, it is directed at the right players. FootTheBall brings you all the players that Arsenal are about to bring in this year and how they will influence the future of Arsenal.


Arsenal got off to their worst start in 46 years after winning just 13 points in 12 games. It’s not that Arteta is a bad coach, it’s just that he’s constantly under a lot of pressure. Arsenal seem more concerned with not losing than winning, which is never a good sign. They have been phenomenal against the best clubs in the league, but they failed to play against teams that have a weaker side everywhere.

Image Courtesy: Instagram / Mikel Arteta

Arsenal won both of their games against Chelsea, beat Manchester United, Tottenham and even managed a draw against Liverpool. Arteta won all those games because she just wasn’t afraid of losing. We have observed that Arteta brings out the best in their team when they have nothing to lose. They know that losing to a weak team will damage the club’s reputation, so they tend to play more cautiously.

Arteta doesn’t have enough confidence in his baseline, which is why the Gunners can’t play freely on the front line. They have conceded fewer goals compared to the other top 10 teams in the League. This is not because their defenders performed well, but because they were on defense in almost every game they played.



As of now, Arsenal have only completed one deal, but there is a full catalog of new players joining over the next few weeks. They have already signed Nuno Tavares from Benfica who has already made his mark on the side by scoring a goal in a debut in a friendly match against Rangers.

Kieran Tierney, his first-choice left-back, was injured in the final games of the season and Mikel Arteta had no one to replace him with. In the end, he was forced to play Granit Xhaka out of position and in turn ruined his entire game. Arteta has learned from his past mistake and has bought an offensive-minded young left-back for a fee of around 8 million euros.


White had an excellent season with Brighton, which even earned him an England team selection for Euro 2020. Arsenal have yet to announce their signing, but it is only a matter of time before they do. It seems that Arteta has finally begun to understand what his team is missing because this move can be extremely beneficial for gunners.

Ben white

Image Courtesy: Instagram / Ben White

Although Arsenal will have to spend 50 million euros on the transfer, it is worth it. He’s only 23 years old and he’s still of first-team quality. Ben White is also a reliable defender, as he was consistent with his good performance throughout the season. Playing David Luiz last season was an extremely poor decision and Ben White is a huge improvement compared to him.


Although Arsenal don’t really need an attacking midfielder, Maddison is too good to ignore. He is only 24 years old and has the potential to lead Arsenal to great heights. The only problem is that the Leicester asking price is too high. If Arsenal spends £ 70m on Maddison, they won’t be able to make any other deals until next year.

James Maddison could be the spark Arsenal need to finish in the top 4 next season, which is why Arsenal won’t let him go so easily. If Arsenal pull out, we’re sure some other wealthy club will pick him up while he’s on the market.


Defensive midfielders are an important aspect of modern football and Arteta has finally tried to bring in one of the best.

Ruben Neves has been consistently playing well for the Wolves the last 2 seasons and it’s actually a bit shocking that no major club has picked him up yet. With Torriera back from loan, Rubén Neves and the Argentine can build a great partnership in midfield that can even act as an extra layer of defense, exactly what Arteta needs.

Manchester United is also in dispute over the signing of Ruben Neves, so the player may not join the Gunners. However, Arsenal should keep trying for the player because he is a young and talented player.


Arsenal have also been trying to bring Manuel Locatelli to their camp. Sassuolo has decided that they will only let one key player out on a transfer. With the talks between Berardi and Liverpool failing, Sassuolo would be keen to cash in on Locatelli. Arsenal will not be able to buy Rubén Neves and Locatelli together and in that case they should definitely go for the Italian.

Manuel Locatelli

Image Courtesy: Instagram / Manuel Locatelli

He is younger and has more potential than Neves. He contributed greatly to Italy’s victory at Euro 2020 and has really matured this past year. Although Arsenal have reached an agreement with the club, the talks are only in the initial stages and it is too early to say anything for sure. All Arsenal fans can do is be patient with their fingers crossed.


The transfer period is far from over and we are sure there will be a lot of drama in the weeks ahead. Arsenal have also shown their interest in Aaron Ramsdale, Houssem Aouar as well. Mikel Arteta has done a very good job in the transfer market compared to his previous experiences. Arsenal go after the right kind of players and even get good deals from them.

However, Mikel Arteta still needs to bring in a prolific scorer. They need an absolute striker to get the ball into the net. Aubameyand and Lacazzete are no longer the same and will probably play 1-2 more seasons. Edward Nkeitah is too inexperienced to take on the job and they surely need to bring in one more player this year.

Lautaro Martínez is not going to extend his contract with Inter Milan and, therefore, Arsenal could go to the Argentine for food. But if they do, they will have to stop chasing their other players. Mikel Arteta should at least start looking for a player to replace Aubameyang.

Arsenal are trying to attract young and exciting players, which is a clear sign that they are looking to secure their future. Fans and the board are confident that the Gunners will finish better than last season and could even go for a place in the Champions League.

But keep in mind that good things take time and it will take a while for the new additions to settle in the locker room. Arsenal could compete for the Premier League title in about two years, but in the 2021/22 season, it seems highly unlikely.

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