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At least 8 dead, many more injured during Astroworld music festival, officials say

At least eight were killed and hundreds injured after a huge wave of crowds at the opening night of the Astroworld music festival in Houston, Texas.

A sold out show from the rapper and festival organizer Travis Scott Killingly lit when guests started pushing towards the front of the stage, crushing some of them and reportedly leaving them unable to breathe.

Officials said a 14-year-old was among the victims and a security guard may have been injected with drugs as the chaos unfolded.

Houston Mayor promised to “go away” [no] Unturned stone “in investigating the disaster, while Mr. Scott said in a message to fans that he is” absolutely devastated “.

Streaming footage of the event showed the rapper interrupting his performance as an ambulance arrived at the venue, NRG Park.

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Travis Scott takes to Instagram explaining his devastation

Travis Scott said he is working to help the families of “the lost ones”.

In a video on his Instagram story, Mr. Scott can be seen strolling as he repeatedly punches his forehead and pulls his hair, saying he was “honestly just devastated” by the accident.

“I just want to send prayers to those who got lost last night,” Scott said.

“We are actually working now to identify families so that we can help them in this difficult time.

The 29-year-old explained that his fans “really mean the world to me”, adding that “they always want to leave them a positive experience”.

“Whenever I can figure out something (negative) that’s going on, I stop the show and help them get the help they need, you know,” Scott said.

“I could never imagine the gravity of this situation,” he added.

He went on to add that the festival organizers were working with Houston police, firefighters and city authorities to “get to the bottom” of the events that took place at NRG Park.

“If you have any information, please contact your local authorities,” he said, as he was being pulled for a braid.

He concluded the video by saying, “I mean, honestly I’m just devastated. I could never imagine anything like this happening.

“I’ll do everything I can to keep you guys up to date, just to keep you informed of what’s going on.

Eleanor SlyNovember 7, 2021 9:09 am


“I am devastated”: Travis Scott faces the fateful wave of crowds at the Astroworld concert

“I am devastated”: Travis Scott faces the fateful wave of crowds at the Astroworld concert

Eleanor SlyNovember 7, 2021 08:20


“Maybe the plans were inadequate”

ICYMI: Fire Chief Peña he explained that the exits were not blocked and that no members of the public had a problem escaping. Instead, the deaths occurred in the crowd.

In his remarks, judge Hidalgo He acknowledged a previous incident in which Live Nation, the organizer of the concert, had suffered a stampede of crowds.

“It may be that this tragedy is the result of unpredictable events of circumstances that have met that could not have been avoided. But until we determine that, I will ask the hard questions, and that’s what I spent the morning doing,” She said. .

“What I know so far is that Live Nation and Astroworld have put together the plans for this event: a safety plan, a site plan; that they were at the table with the city of Houston and Harris County …

“Maybe the plans were inadequate. Maybe the plans were good, but they weren’t followed up. Maybe it was something else entirely.

“The families of those who died, and all those affected, deserve answers on what happened last night, which is why I call for an objective and independent investigation into what happened and how it could have been prevented. “.

He said some details of the victims ‘deaths cannot be released because investigators have not yet been able to identify and inform two of the victims’ families.

Graeme MassieNovember 7, 2021 03:57 AM


“Different” doses of opioid antidotes were administered

ICYMI: fire chief Samuel Peña he said “several – many” doses of Narcan were given last night, suggesting that more people may have been drugged.

Chief Finner declined to answer a question about whether anyone other than the security officer reported being stung by a possible needle.

“We don’t take anything off the table,” Mayor Turner said, speaking as reporters threw questions. “Everything will be considered, everything will be considered.”

Graeme MassieNovember 7, 2021 3:02 am


The event didn’t stop “for 40 minutes” after the crush started

ICYMI: Mayor of Houston New Year’s Turner he said it took 40 minutes to stop the event after the wave of crowds started.

The first report of problems, he said, was around 9:30 pm local time, and the concert didn’t stop until 10:10 pm.

If true, that raises questions about how Live Nation and its security contractors and private doctors responded to the incident.

On the contrary, head of the fire department Samuel Peña he said that after a “mass casualty event” was declared, it took two minutes for the first of his units to be on the scene.

Graeme MassieNovember 7, 2021, 02:02 am


County judge on the verge of tears as she addresses reporters

ICYMI: county judge Lina Hidalgo he is speaking now, visibly close to tears as he described the horror of the accident.

“The events of last night were tragic beyond belief,” he said. “This is an artist that we know to have a following among young people, especially young people with a bright future. Those are the people who were present at the event.

“They went out to have fun, and no one – no parent, no friend, no sibling should accompany their loved one to a concert by world famous artists and not be able to expect him to come home safe and sound.

“When we read the centuries [of the victims]… it breaks your heart, and I know the images we have seen are hard to digest, and I imagine more will surface that are hard to digest.

“Since late last night I have been on site. I have spent time in the reunification center talking to families, listening to their anguish, those who did not know where their loved ones were. Sometimes it is more difficult not to know”.

Graeme MassieNovember 7, 2021 01:04


One of the dead was only 14 years old

ICYMI: Mayor of Houston New Year’s Turner he is now giving a press conference. He says one of the people who died was a teenager of just 14.

Of the other seven people who died, Mr. Turner said one was 16, two 21, one 23, one 27, and the age remains unknown.

He said 25 were taken to hospital, of which five were under 18, and 13 are still recovering. No one was reported missing.

Graeme MassieNovember 7, 2021 12:03 am


Astroworld: Youngest 14-year-old victim of deadly crowd surge at Travis Scott’s concert

The youngest victim of the deadly wave of crowds at a Travis Scott concert in Houston was only 14, according to the city mayor.

Eight people were killed in the chaos at the Astroworld Festival and dozens more were injured. Victims who lost their lives range from 14 to 27, the mayor said at a press conference on Saturday.

Sheila Flynn has the story.

Graeme MassieNovember 6, 2021 11:46 pm


Houston police confirm that the security guard was stung with a needle

Police Chief Troy Finner confirmed that a security guard had been stung with a needle during the event.

Graeme MassieNovember 6, 2021 11:15 pm


The chief of police clarifies the security numbers in Astroland

Police Chief Troy Finner said there were 528 Houston police officers on the scene, 755 private security guards, and a third-party company that provided doctors.

(Getty images)

Graeme MassieNovember 6, 2021 10:32 pm


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