Auto Bavaria MINI collaborates with Malaysian streetwear label TNTCO to launch the exclusive Chrome collection


Auto Bavaria MINI has collaborated with Malaysian streetwear label TNTCO to create Chrome, a new and exclusive clothing capsule featuring jackets, hoodies and graphic T-shirts. Apparently, Chrome means the spark of ideas that inspire and embody the bright future for those who relentlessly pursue their dreams.

The special collection, featuring winning designs by Yu Jin Lim (top designer at the recent MINI TNTCO x Auto Bavaria t-shirt design competition), represents the captivating and infectious appeal of the MINI brand.

It also represents Auto Bavaria MINI and TNTCO’s interpretation of what it means to be a trendsetter, a fashion leader and a pioneer. TNTCO is also proud to share the same values ​​as MINI, including youthful inspiration, independence and spontaneity. Check out the Chrome collection, here.


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