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Avatar Entertainment Boards, Award Winning iPhone-Shot ‘Charon’ – News Block

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EXCLUSIVE: Avatar Entertainment has acquired overseas sales rights to Charon, Jennifer Zhang’s mobile shooting feature, and will be shopping for the photo this week in Cannes.

Shot entirely on an iPhone8 during the lockdown, Zhang wrote, produced, directed and edited the film alone. The film won the Best Film award at the 2021 International Mobile Film Festival.

Charon follows a famous hacker under house arrest whose overseas boyfriend starts calling her with strange and dangerous requests. As her demands on camera grow ever darker and more wicked, Charon’s existence hinges on her ability to unravel the mystery while trapped in her apartment.

Eric Radic co-stars in the film via Skype, and Marc Morisseau, who self-quarantined before filming his role in the apartment, is also in the cast. Korean-American composer and mixer Diana Cha composed the score.

“Shooting in isolation for days and days, I realized that what I was capturing was really awkward, manic, and often unflattering, which actually motivated me to keep going because I was so unexpectedly honest,” Zhang commented, ” even if Charon it’s weird fiction, I started to see it as a real-time reflection of how I was struggling, and how many people must have been struggling in quarantine. I think that’s why it resonates with people: because there is an identifiable emotional truth running through it, even though the premise is somewhat strange. “

Zhang is run by Los Angeles-based Larry Robinson and London-based management and production company Avatar Entertainment.

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