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‘Avatar’ is poised to top the box office again

last year, avatar retook the title as the highest-grossing film of all time when it hit theaters in China, and now James Cameron’s blockbuster returns to international markets before Avatar: The Way of Water hitting theaters December 16.

According to term, the relaunch is off to a great start. On its first day across five markets (France, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, and the Philippines), it grossed $877K to add to the legendary haul. Today, theaters in Germany, Italy, Australia, Brazil, Mexico and more will get another chance to see Jake Sully meet the Na’vi. throughout the weekend, avatar It will play in 8,000 screens worldwide in search of a double whammy of ticket sales and enthusiasm for the sequel. As expected, the re-release comes with preview images of the path of the water to lure viewers back to the super blue planet in December.

In addition, Shanghai Disney Resort launched the Avatar: Explore Pandora Exhibition where fans will be able to test the suit simulator of the Amplified Mobility Platform. For starters, they had (you guessed it) a special screening of avatar with a unique salute from Cameron, all displayed in state-of-the-art Cinity technology and ridiculously high frame rates. It turns out that Cameron and Disney really know how to print money. We’ll see after the weekend how much longer they can swim Scrooge McDuck-style.

(via term)


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