BUSINESS Baggage claim: Carlton McCoy of CNN's 'Nomad' shares his...

Baggage claim: Carlton McCoy of CNN’s ‘Nomad’ shares his must-have travel gear


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As host of the popular CNN travel show nomadicNeedless to say, Carlton McCoy is a true travel expert. Also a trained chef and master sommelier, McCoy has special insights on where to go, what to eat, what to drink and (crucially East summer), how and what to pack.

McCoy recently shared more with news block about the must-have items you never leave home without.

Efficient checked baggage

“I always check a suitcase. Understand that it may be a challenge right now, but I’d rather not cram all my items into one small bag. July is my favorite luggage brand. gorgeous design, offer a trunk style, which is much more efficient, and more importantly, they use a trunk latch closure instead of a zipper. I love that extra touch.”

Specific luggage for wines

“I love traveling with my wine bag, specifically my Vingarde Valise. It is resistant and most importantly pack a whole case of wine. As a professional in the wine industry, I love sharing my favorite wines with the people I love and admire. It’s not unlike chefs who want to share their favorite dishes with their loved ones. Sharing my favorite wines is really rewarding for me”.

Clothes suitable for traveling

“I’m not a picky dressing room. I like pretty, simple pieces. Wearing clothing that is versatile limits the amount you need to pack. I like todd snyder jeans. They do stretch a bit so they are easy to ride on. Patrick Assaraf’s t-shirts they are always in the bag. it’s an adult t-shirt. It’s soft, but the fabric is high quality and holds its shape very well. I always travel with a tailored jacket, almost always black. It is perfect for any occasion. I also always wear a nice white shirt. Easy to dress up or down. I never travel without me All Saints Mode Merino Wool Sweatshirt. Lightweight and good for most occasions. If I’m not traveling by nomadicI always have sports clothes.”

durable footwear

“I’ve had a show addiction since I was a kid, but since I’m a guy with big feet, I can only travel with so many pairs, so I pick three pairs for each trip. running shoes (Nike ZoomX Vaporfly), an all-purpose shoe (air force 1 either Onitsuka GSM), and custom Ostrich boots made by David EspinozaI can wear them with a full suit and tie or jeans and a t-shirt.”

trust watch

“I always travel with my 1960 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust and pack something a little more formal, like my Franck Muller Casablanca—if I know I have an important event or business meeting. I have always admired the incredible craftsmanship that goes into a great watch and a great watch will add sparkle to even jeans and a t-shirt.”

This is an installation of baggage claimformerly known as 5 to packa series featuring famous personalities from all backgrounds and industries, revealing what they always pack when they travel, whether for business or pleasure.

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