Audi Rally Team


Speedy Thrash Video: Watch this Audi rally team change a transmission in about six minutes!

While on a pound-for-pound basis, we would never throw ourselves against a professional drag racing crew in a race to get most of the work done in the shortest amount of time, this Audi rally team video is incredible for what they manage to do. Do. I’ll see the Rothmans-sponsored Audi Quattro compete in a rally across the country of Jordan in 1987, stop by the side of the road and then tear itself apart, reassemble and leave in about six minutes and change. These guys do this work ON THE STREET. I’m not in a garage, in the boxes, in their shop, no, I’m on that goddamn street and guys, hurry. Remember, this is an all-wheel drive rally car, not a 1969 Camaro we’re talking about.

One of the amazing things about this effort is the level of agitation and coordination. Judging from the looks, this is a very impressive and very complicated job. There are a lot of guys attacking the car from above, below and from the sides. The real hero (for us) is the guy lying on his back who pulls out the gear and tosses it to the side. Then put the second into position using your arms and legs! Again, this is all done with the car just high enough off the ground to slide the new transmission underneath it, and the whole work is done with hand tools.

The only bad thing about the video is that the sound cuts out like 6:30, but at that point the work is done and the guys are just waiting to see the car drive off. table. These guys performed pretty well, but we started pumping for them when we saw how well they handled this job.

Hit play below to see this Audi Rally Team change a transmission in about 6 minutes


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