Check out the 10 best pickups from Barrett-Jackson to Las Vegas


Check out the 10 best pickups from Barrett-Jackson in Las Vegas

The latest Barrett-Jackson auction in Las Vegas saw some really cool rides that went through the auction block, including a really cool bunch of trucks. Lots of people talked about some of the square bodies, C10s, and more they came across and we know we were seeing them on Instagram and Facebook. Well here’s a video that the Barrett-Jackson gang put together of their Top 10 trucks from the auction and they’re pretty special. Check them out and see what you think and let us know which of the ten is your favorite, in the comments section below.

Everyone knows I’m a fan of Chevy pickups, with a special love for boxy bodies and OBS trucks, so it won’t come as a surprise that the awesome raised crew cab really made me want to be rich. Do you dig it too?

Video description:

From stock and mild to imaginative and wild! The 2021 Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas auction hosted some of the most popular pickups around. Today, trucks represent one of the fastest growing and most popular segments of the collector car hobby, with both classic and modern pickups receiving the limelight at auction. Old or new, the pickup has proven to be an ideal entry point for modification and the diversity of manufacturers, body styles and powertrains leaves endless possibilities when modifying a former workhorse.


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