Seven of the most heartbreaking racing defeats ever


Seven Not So Great: This video chronicles seven of the most heartbreaking defeats ever

The great thing about racing is that it’s a never-ending battle between man / woman and machine. Typically, the best men and women get the best machines and then do whatever they want with them. It would seem lopsided in terms of success, but as you’ll see here, sometimes the best of both major elements of racing don’t always win. In fact, they sometimes lose in ways that seem like a greater power is conspiring against them. The last lap leads to disappearances, mechanical failures, simple wrong decisions and more can lead to painful results, even for the greats.

While this video heavily skews Europe and we can certainly think of a few other motorsports that have caused pain in buckets, the stories here are epic and perhaps not that well known to many BangShifters. Nigel Mansell’s 1986 Australian debacle, Toyota’s Le Mans dominance vanishes before the eyes of the crew, and much more is described here.

As a wise man once said, if it were easy everyone would. The best part is that it’s not easy, not everyone can do it, and those who do are not guaranteed anything in the end. Look at this with your palms ready.

Hit play below to see this video on seven of the most heartbreaking defeats in the race


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