Testing Several Jacks With One Massive Hydraulic Press


Testing several jacks with a massive hydraulic press is absolutely fantastic

Many times we have run videos from the hydraulic press channel highlighting weird or funny things. This is actually really informative and awesome because what our hero does is test different styles of jacks to see what kind of weight or pressure they will actually hold. From the typical factory scissor jack to a hydraulic trolley jack, a tripod, and more, let’s take a fairly thorough look at what all of these things can do. As he tells us at first, winter is coming to Finland so many people will change their snow tires as is the ritual in this part of the world that I am writing in.

Its test results may not be exactly shocking, but they are fun to watch (like anything being pushed to its limits by a massive press, right?

Some of these things are slightly tougher than you’d expect, others weaker, and at least one of these jacks is tougher than a cheap steak in Vegas. Radical stuff! Guess which one lasted like 20 tons before failing … and not the way you’d expect!

Hit play below to see this great test of multiple jacks using big pressure –


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