Trucks and tractors pulling stock photos from the state of North Carolina


Hooked And Bookin ‘: Action photo of truck and tractor pulling from the North Carolina State Fair

(Photo by David Whealon) – The sport of towing trucks and tractors is lucky in some ways because if you’re truly hardcore, you don’t really have an off-season. At the end of the “outdoor” season there are killer fall events like the North Carolina State Fair and a handful of others across the nation and then the action moves indoors. Indoor shooting is as popular as outdoor stuff, so people continue to drive to indoor locations as the weather slowly gets under the grip of the old winter each year.

These images captured by David Whealon are fantastic. You’ll see some of the major towing and equipment crews on the east coast chasing after it with diesel engines, burnt alkyl burners, and looks that could kill. Rather than ramble all day, we’ll just tell you to enjoy the photos. The furious action captured in their snapshots truly the awesome nature of this insanely powerful motorsport.

Press the images below to expand and then scroll to see them all –


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