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Banning anti-vaccine groups on Facebook may drive users to Twitter

People who were in Facebook groups apparently shut down for violating vaccine misinformation rules went on to tweet more anti-vaccine content in the following month.


22 August 2022

Facebook users can increase their use of Twitter if a group they’re in closes

Andre M. Chang/ZUMA Wire/Shutterstock

Removing anti-vaccine groups on Facebook may simply push users to share their views on other platforms. The finding suggests that a cross-platform approach will be required for content moderation to work.

Tamar Mittens at Columbia University in New York and colleagues tracked 160 Facebook groups, each with more than 100 members, discussing Covid-19 vaccines between April and September 2021. They also tracked 384 users who shared a link on Twitter to any of the 160…


NASA’s DART spacecraft crashes into an asteroid, on purpose

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NASA crashed the DART spacecraft into an asteroid and filmed the accident

While most people sat down to dinner, NASA tried to move a space mountain. Out of sight for backyard stargazers, a vending machine-sized spacecraft...


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