Barbara Kirkmeyer “For Colorado” this time anyway


This morning, the Republican state Sen. Barbara Kirkmeyer County Weld announced its candidacy for Congress in the all-new CD-8, set to be one of the most divided and followed new congressional contests in the 2022 midterm election nationwide. Kirkmeyer opens a GOP primary meeting against the former Rep. Lori Saine, with the state Sen. Kevin Priola considering an uphill “RiNO” race against the conservative tide in today’s Republican Party.

Rest assured that Kirkmeyer And running on CD-8, despite what her The Twitter profile says:

Oops! You can’t blame Kirkmeyer for laundering her assets from her failed race 2014 for Congress On a much more conservative CD-4, but prime-time campaigns should fix these things before the local political blog is forced to do the quality check. Since we are not paid by the campaign, we are under no obligation to be polite in reporting obvious errors.

Even though Senator Kirkmeyer is heralded as a more viable alternative to hard-hitting conservative Lori Saine, it’s a label that may not work for Kirkmeyer in the general election – and this assumes she can prevail in the Republican primary where “reality” is a highly subjective standard at best. Kirkmeyer worked extensively to appease the far-right Republican base in Weld County, also as a main supporter of the unfortunate campaign from a group of mostly rural counties in northeastern Colorado to separate from the state and form “North Colorado”.

In general, swinging voters prefer candidates who want to serve their state and not part with it.

There is every reason to believe that Kirkmeyer will be competitive in the Republican primary, but the more Kirkmeyer does to prove his conservative courage against an opponent without such a requirement, the more he will damage his prospects in the general election. At the same time, Kirkmeyer is hampered in any run to the center by her own record as a product of Weld County Republican extravaganza.

It doesn’t fit well in what could be one of America’s most swinging swing districts in 2022.


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