BBC Radio 4: Climategate, “The Hack That Changed the World”


I.In many ways, the 2009 pseudo-scandal known as “Climategate” was a prototype for the disinformation weaponry we see everywhere now.

Someone systematically stole huge numbers of emails from scientists at the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit, then distributed selected sections to various media and climate-denier right-wing groups, who then misrepresented the exchanges. as proof that the scientists were manipulating the data and trying to shut down the critics.

The perpetrators of this sophisticated hacking operation have never been found; the police at the time were woefully unprepared to handle such an investigation.

Now UK BBC Radio 4 is revisiting the case in a 5-part series, trying to identify the culprit, or at least the most likely suspects. Two of the episodes are currently online and are really worth listening to: BBC Radio 4 – The hack that changed the world.


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