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Bear Grylls has shared his thoughts on the heartbreaking Titan sub-incident, revealing the “only” positive thing to come out of it.

In June it was confirmed that all five passengers aboard the Titan submarine had died. The submersible is believed to have imploded during its dive to view the wreckage of the Titanic.

And now Bear, who is no stranger to going on a dangerous adventure, has spoken out about the way the passengers tragically died.

Bear Grylls looking serious
Bear has shared his thoughts on the Titan tragedy (Credit: ITV)

Bear Grylls in the Titan sub-incident

In a new interview with Logan Paul on his Impaulsive podcast, the survival expert said: “At least it wasn’t five days of running out of oxygen in freezing cold, pitch black, terrified. It was instant death once you get there, so maybe that’s the only thing about the tragedy.”

Bear said he admired the five lost souls, as well as “their risk-taking spirit” in going on the adventure. He still considered it a tragic incident and an “unnecessary loss of life.”

He explained, “The intention was good, we should all be living with an adventurous spirit. You also have to admire his risk-taking spirit”.

wreckage of the Titan submarine
The remains of the Titan submarine were bought ashore (Credit: CBC Newfoundland and Labrador)

Bear Grylls Rules Out Underwater Adventure After Titan Submarine Tragedy

Bear also revealed that he won’t be going on any underwater adventures any time soon. He said: “If something goes wrong in the ocean, there is nothing you can do. The thing about underwater stuff is that no matter how brave or resourceful or determined you are, how energetic you are, once that can (implode) you’re in trouble, so it motivates me less.”

It comes weeks after “suspected human remains” were recovered from the ocean. A US Coast Guard confirmed this in late June.

They issued a statement. “United States medical professionals will conduct a formal analysis of the suspected human remains that have been carefully recovered from the wreckage at the incident site,” they said.

Captain Jason Neubauer, who is leading the investigation into the tragedy, said: “I am grateful for the coordinated international and interagency support to recover and preserve this vital evidence at extreme distances and depths in the high seas.”

He then continued: “The evidence will provide investigators in various international jurisdictions with critical information about the cause of this tragedy.”

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