Beats Fit Pro versus AirPods Pro


Bang for buck

Beats Fit Pro

Personalized comfort

Apple AirPods

With support for all of Apple’s latest audio features that come with the H1 chip, Beats Fit Pro is like a sport version of AirPods Pro. Unlike AirPods Pro, however, Beats Fit Pro also works beautifully with Android devices and is available in different color choices. They are also surprisingly reasonably priced!

$ 200 from Apple


  • Secure wing tip design
  • Longer battery life
  • Works well with Android
  • More distinct bass sound


  • No wireless charging
  • It can cause ear fatigue over time

Apple’s AirPods Pro are equipped with all the latest from Apple, including active noise cancellation, spatial audio with dynamic head tracking, and audio sharing. While these earbuds aren’t as safe for vigorous workouts, they offer a comfortable design with intuitive force-touch controls.

$ 249 to Apple


  • Intuitive tactile force controls
  • Better voice isolation during voice calls
  • MagSafe wireless charging
  • Customizable options


  • Less battery life
  • It is not compatible with Android

AirPods Pro they were the best of the best earphones when they came out in 2019, but now they have serious competition from Beats Fit Pro. As Apple makes both products, they both contain the powerful H1 chipset, which is packed with a number of innovative features, including Adaptive EQ, spatial audio with dynamic tracking test, audio sharing and automatic device switching. Since both models also contain active noise cancellation (ANC) and transparency mode, it’s hard to tell which headset is best. Let’s take a closer look.

Beats Fit Pro versus AirPods Pro: Key differences

When you look at the Beats Fit Pro and specific AirPods Pro, there are very few differences here. They both have the same chipset, feature availability, microphones, and voice assistant technology.

Beats Fit Pro Apple AirPods Pro
Guy Wireless bluetooth earphones Wireless bluetooth earphones
chip H1 headphone chip H1 headphone chip
Battery life 6 hours 4.5 hours
In charge Wired USB-C charging MagSafe wireless charging
Noise cancellation Yes Yes
Ambient noise mode Yes Yes
Lists in real time Yes Yes
Spatial audio Yes Yes
Checks Single multifunction button Tactile force sensor
Entrances USB-C Lightning
Colors Black, white, sage gray, stone purple White
Case USB-C charging case MagSafe wireless charging case
Weight 5.6 grams 5.4 grams
microphones Dual beamforming microphones Dual beamforming microphones
Voice assistant Hands-free “Hey Siri” voice assistant Hands-free “Hey Siri” voice assistant

Although the two models are very similar, you can see that there are some differences here. The Beats have longer battery life, for one thing, but they don’t have a MagSafe wireless charging case like the AirPods Pro. Controls are different between the two earbuds, as are the color choices and overall design. Of course, these aren’t exactly huge distinctions, so it’s still unclear whether or not one headset is preferable to the other. To come to any conclusion, we will have to dig a little deeper.

Beats Fit Pro versus AirPods Pro: Choose cool colors or custom engravings

Beats Fit Pro and Airpods Pro DesignSource: iMore

The design between Beats Fit Pro and AirPods Pro is one of the most notable differences. The Beats have incorporated a unique wing tip that sits in the outer ear for a more reliable and secure fit, while the AirPods Pro feature the same stem design as ever with different sized ear tips.

As they both offer earbuds, both models offer a good fit inside the ear, but the Beats Fit Pro have an added layer of security with the wingtips. This makes them more reliable for rigorous activities like running. For those with sensitive ears, however, the wingtips may be uncomfortable after several hours of use. AirPods, in general, are very comfortable to wear for long periods.

The fun color options are a distinct plus in favor of the Beats, but we can’t forget Apple’s free customization of the AirPods Pro Charging Case.

The choice of color is another important aspect to mention. The AirPods Pro are, as usual, only available in white. The Beats Fit Pro, on the other hand, are offered in four different colors, including Black, White, Sage Gray, and Stone Purple. For me, this is a distinct advantage in favor of the beats. However, we can’t forget Apple’s free customization of the AirPods Pro Charging Case, especially if you buy AirPods as a gift. The custom engraving is a nice touch.

As for the controls, Beats has a simple multifunction button that is easy to understand and use but perhaps less intuitive than the force touch of the AirPods. The force touch is also simple to use and easier to access as the controls are located on the stem rather than the actual headset.

Beats Fit Pro versus AirPods Pro: Clean functionality across the board

I use Beats Fit Pro and Airpods ProSource: iMore

When it comes to pure sound, it’s hard to say which earbuds are better. Both offer great sound quality with a large sound stage and crisp tones. The Beats have deeper, punchier bass if that’s your thing, but overall you get similar sound quality from both models, and it’s excellent. Both have good active noise cancellation and transparency modes, so you can choose how you want to listen or switch back and forth between the two listening modes.

Since the Beats Fit Pro and AirPods Pro are both equipped with the H1 chip, they are packed with all the great features Apple offers, such as continuous device switching, audio sharing, spatial audio with dynamic head tracking, and technology Adaptive EQ. This means these earbuds can hear the sound you are receiving and adapt it to the shape of your ear for the best possible listening experience.

Beats Fit Pro versus Airpods ProSource: iMore

One important thing to note here is that for AirPods Pro, these special features will only work on iOS devices, not Android. For Beats Fit Pro, the Beats app can provide most of the same features, with the exception of dynamic head tracking in spatial audio. Suffice it to say that, for Android users, Beats Fit Pro will definitely be the best choice.

While all of the above features are quite equivalent for both earphone models, the battery life isn’t. Now, both sets can give you a total listening time of 24 hours with the charging case, but the AirPods only run for 4.5 consecutive hours before needing to charge again. The Beats Fit Pro can play continuously for a full six hours, which is a significant improvement. However, the Beats don’t charge wirelessly, while the AirPods Pro come with MagSafe for optimal wireless charging. Wireless charging may or may not matter to you, but these two sets of earbuds are neck to neck when it comes to performance.

Beats Fit Pro versus AirPods Pro: Beats wins on value for money

For the price, there is simply no question. The Beats Fit Pro is clearly the best deal. They have all the same features and benefits as the AirPods Pro with the one exception of a wireless charging case, yet cost $ 50 less when sold at the recommended price.

Sure, AirPods Pro occasionally go on sale for under $ 200, but on average they cost around $ 50 more. When it comes to sound quality and additional features, there’s no justification for the AirPods Pro’s higher price tag, which gives the Beats Fit Pro an edge when it comes to value for money.

Beats Fit Pro vs AirPods Pro: Which one should you buy?

Beats Fit Pro Vs Airpods ProSource: iMore

At first glance, the Beats Fit Pro will give you more money for your dollar, but there’s more to this purchase than just the price. If you have sensitive or small ears, for example, the tips of the wings on the beats may be uncomfortable. Especially when manipulating the touch button on the Beats Fit Pro, it can create some pressure on the ear. Since the AirPods Pro do not have a wingtip and are controlled by pressing the stem, they are much more comfortable for some users.

The Beats Fit Pro is the more compelling purchase, but both of these earbuds will deliver amazing sound quality

If wireless charging and MagSafe are important to you, this is another highlight for the AirPods Pro. The MagSafe Charging Case will snap into place and charge at the fastest possible speed. The USB-C charging port on the Beats Fit Pro is actually faster, so that’s probably not an issue for most people.

Android users, however, will want to go with the Beats because they are made to work better with Android. Android users using AirPods Pro will find that many of the H1’s great features are only compatible with iOS. This is not the case with the Beats Fit Pro, with the exception of dynamic head tracking, which is only available via Apple devices.

Overall, it appears that the Beats Fit Pro is the more compelling purchase for now, but both of these earbuds will provide amazing sound quality and lots of innovative features.

Versatile choice

Beats Fit Pro

Beats Fit Pro

The Beats Fit Pro wireless earbuds not only offer excellent value for money, they are also more versatile across different operating systems. These earbuds will work beautifully for Android and iOS users and come with the same range of features as the more expensive AirPods Pro.

Intuitive design

Apple Airpods Pro

Apple AirPods

The Apple AirPods Pro are still the standard for wireless earbuds thanks to their ubiquitous design, gorgeous sound quality, and intuitive controls. Now with a customizable MagSafe charging case as well, the AirPods Pro are even more convenient to charge and use.

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