Beautiful gold bags with Hidilyn Diaz


Belo Medical Group welcomes Olympic gold medalist Hidilyn Diaz to the family. A pioneer as it is, it is also the face of a new revolutionary treatment: ADVALlight Laser.

It is no secret that I am a happy customer of the Belo Medical Group. Dr. Victoria Belo’s philosophy when it comes to beauty is not based on unattainable standards. It doesn’t depend on hating what you have. Instead, it’s celebrating what makes you unique.

Belo’s philosophy also consists in highlighting that beauty comes in all shapes and forms. For example, I admire how Dr. Belo’s approach to aging is not to fear it, but to step into it gracefully. I observe how today it does not force treatments for the sake of a good photo. He is thinking long term and how your dermatologist approved habits create a lifestyle that transforms your life.

Women of power Hidilyn Diaz and Dr. Victoria Belo

This philosophy of beauty goes hand in hand with female emancipation. You’ll see how Belo’s selection of testimonials isn’t just about fame or buzz. It’s about the message they can convey.

Unsurprisingly, Diaz joins the Belo family. His road to Olympic gold is historic and inspiring. Excelling in a field often associated with men and showing strength is sure to resonate with girls and women across the Philippines.

Gold standard

Being the gold standard and the first in all things beauty is also something that Belo Medical Group knows well. With Belo, Diaz shares how women shouldn’t be confined to categories. Women can have it all, and in this case it’s both strength and beauty.

Hidilyn Diaz for Belo ADVALight

It says: “Kasi minsan, nali-limit tayo, na sinasabi na ito lang tayo. Ditto along tayo. Dapat ‘by tayo lumabas. Hey, babae kami. Tao rin kami. So ipinapakita long natin na magaling din tayo, at malakas tayo. “(Sometimes, we are given limits, that we cannot go further. We are only expected to be here. We should not go out. But we are women. We too are human. We are just showing that we are also excellent and strong.)

Diaz also represents how women shouldn’t choose based on what the people around them say they should. Women are free to define who they are and what they can do. Its Belo approval highlights the clinic’s newest innovation: Belo’s ADVALlight laser treatment. Use a state-of-the-art yellow laser to eliminate hyperpigmentation, oiliness, acne, scars and redness. Belo is proud to be the first and only dermatology center in the country to offer ADVALight.

Before and after results of ADVALlight Laser from Belo

Diaz testifies that he saw the results right after an ADVALight session. You will see in the photos how her confidence increases, the one that made her dear to many Filipinos.

As with all treatments of the Belo Medical Group, ADVALight is prescribed at the discretion of the physician and with adequate pre- and post-session guidance. Find out more by logging into, where you can also book your appointment at a Belo clinic near you. INQ


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