Becky Lynch opens up about her WWE journey


Becky Lynch He went over WWE than he could ever have imagined.

Current RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch recently met Vicente Beltran to discuss everything WWE related.

When asked about her recent anniversary of having been in the wrestling world for 19 years, Lynch said she hoped to get to this point someday, but she never imagined it was really possible.

“I imagined it. I dreamed it. I hoped it. But I don’t think I ever imagined I’d come this far,” admitted Becky Lynch. “I don’t know if I would have imagined it. You know, that’s what I wanted and that’s what I dreamed of. But you know, a part of you always doubts yourself. You know, like, if you’re a human being, I think a part of You just have that little amount of doubt that always goes, oh yeah, come on now, be realistic You know, I’ve given up for seven years So I thought part of the journey was over. “

Becky Lynch was told she was the most irrelevant woman on the WWE main roster at one point

Just because she came to WWE didn’t make things any easier. The fact that Becky Lynch was constantly afraid of being released in NXT and then she was told it was irrelevant on the main roster, it’s a testament to The Man’s determination to find himself where he is now.

“I thought he was dead and overtaken him and then I was constantly on the block in NXT,” continued Becky Lynch. “I was convinced every week that I was going to get fired and get over this issue and then I would get to the main roster and then they would tell me I’m the most irrelevant girl in the division and then I would get over this and then eventually Main Event WrestleMania and carry on and then having a child and then coming back and being on top again, so there were a lot of obstacles. It wasn’t a direct hit at all. And I feel very grateful where I come from where I am now. And I never lose sight of it. “

Becky Lynch wants the face Charlotte style next Sunday at the Survivor Series in a RAW vs. Smack down.

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