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Ben Shapiro discusses ‘deeper problem with atheism’: ‘far more murderous and tyrannical than any religious theocracy in history’


Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro detailed the “deepest problem with atheism” in a Facebook post on Sunday, arguing that the biggest problem is that it “cannot establish a moral framework.”

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Shapiro, who is Jewish, opened the post by pointing out that many non-believers will turn to the “sins of believers” to explain why they oppose God and faith.

The key question these non-theists will ask is: “If religion is good, why are religious believers often so bad?” but shapiro explained some of the problems with this thought process.

“One could ask this about any philosophy: Most people are, in fact, sinful and evil and have the ability to do good,” he said. wrote. “The question is whether there is a philosophical connection between the religion and what its so-called believers do, and more deeply, how are we supposed to judge whether the religion is promoting something morally good or bad without another moral frame of reference.”

According to Shapiro, this is where things break down for atheism, as it is unable to establish a moral framework nor can it help delineate “between what is and what should be.”

While atheists may act morally in accordance with the societies in which they live, and while they may make suggestions about moral living, Shapiro detailed the limitations and dangers of an atheist worldview, including materialism and perceived worthlessness in human beings, among others. problems.

“It is no coincidence that the most militantly atheistic governments (communist and fascist governments of the 20th century) have been far more murderous and tyrannical than any religious theocracy in history,” he said. continued. “Atheism promotes a vision of humanity totally at odds with building a productive society.”

Shapiro also wrote on this topic in a longer essay, which can be seen here.

The point about the need for a moral framework from which to discern the truth is a compelling argument. Atheism provides no impetus for creation, no real reason for human worth, and no baseline from which to decipher what is true and correct.

While several religions offer some of these elements, Christianity, with Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for humanity at its center, provides the most comprehensive explanation of value, purpose, and hope available.

Atheism cannot offer any of these elements, as Shapiro astutely pointed out.

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