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Java Online Courses.

Java is one of the most prevalent programming languages ​​today, and knowing it can open up new career opportunities in software development and related fields. One of the best and most convenient ways to learn Java is through online courses. This guide will introduce some of the best online courses for learning Java from TechRepublic Academy, Coursera, and Udemy.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to dabble in software development, or an experienced one looking to enhance your resume while expanding your skill set, investing your time and a little money in these online programming courses can help you achieve your goals. .

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The Complete Java Encoder Package 2023

TechRepublic Academy’s Complete Java Coder Package 2023 combines nine programming courses and 70 hours of developer education in one affordable package. Its various developer classes can familiarize newbies with the Java framework and broaden their knowledge until they become experts, making it the perfect choice for someone seeking a long-term career in software development. And while it contains a ton of content, the fact that The Complete 2023 Java Coder Bundle comes in an online class format means you can work at your own pace.

This collection of TR Academy Java classes includes:

  • Introduction to Java.
  • Java Basics: Learn to Code the Right Way
  • JavaFX: Learn how to build powerful client applications
  • Java Web Technologies: Become a Java Web Developer
  • Oracle Certification Prep Course: Become a Java Engineer
  • Become a Junior Java Software Developer
  • The Complete Java and Android Studio Course for Beginners
  • Get up and running with Apache Maven
  • Oracle Certification Prep: Java Mastery for Beginners and Experts

The Ultimate Java Expert Certification Package

TechRepublic Academy has another set of Java classes for those looking to further their developer education: the Ultimate Java Expert certification package. More than 400 students are enrolled in this TR Academy Java Framework Pack, which is made up of 11 programming courses that take 38 hours to complete.

Buy The Ultimate Java Expert Certification Bundle for one low price from TR Academy and you’ll gain access to a wide variety of Java classes to help you progress from beginner to expert level, such as:

  • Introduction to Java: Mastering the Fundamentals of Java
  • Build desktop applications with Java Swing
  • Build web apps with Java, Springboot, and Vaadin
  • Databases with Java
  • Java Design Patterns
  • intermediate java
  • Java Lambda Expressions
  • Java multi-threaded programming
  • JavaFX: build beautiful user interfaces
  • Master advanced Java concepts
  • Learn Java Programming – Beginner to Master
  • Java Programming for Complete Beginners

The Java Bootcamp package

Join the 100+ students enrolled in TR Academy’s The Java Bootcamp Bundle and you’ll unlock access to 10 programming classes that take 10 hours to complete. The inline classes of the package in the Java framework include:

  • Introduction to Java
  • Java Basics
  • java objects
  • Comparisons and Control Flow Structures
  • arrangements
  • Heredity 101
  • Introduction to Java interfaces
  • Explanation of exception classes
  • Collections 101
  • Inner Classes

Specialization in Fundamentals of Software Engineering and Java Programming

Would you like to become a software engineer? First, you need to learn the fundamentals of programming and software development. Where can one acquire such knowledge? Through Duke University’s Java Programming and Software Engineering Fundamentals Specialization on Coursera.

More than 288,000 students are enrolled in this online class designed for beginners looking to further their developer education. The specialization includes the following Java courses:

  • Programming Fundamentals with JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Java programming: troubleshooting with software
  • Java Programming: Arrays, Lists, and Structured Data
  • Java Programming: Software Design Principles
  • Java Programming: Build a Recommender System

Students must complete a hands-on project to complete the specialization and earn a certificate.

Introduction to Java

Beginners should find the online Introduction to Java class on Coursera right up their alley. The introductory Java course offered by LearnQuest is part of the basic Java specialization. Complete it and subsequent LearnQuest Java Bootcamps to gain the skills and experience needed to enjoy a career as an IT developer.

Introduction to Java is for anyone who wants to learn the programming language, as well as application developers, programmers, and technical managers. Once complete, you’ll be able to write simple Java code, incorporate branches and loops, identify the benefits of the framework, and more. The first week of the programming class offers an introduction to Java. The second week covers the fundamentals of the Java language and primitive types, and the third week concludes with writing simple expressions, branches, loops, etc.

Core Java Specialization

As mentioned, LearnQuest’s Core Java Specialization on Coursera is a series of programming classes that can give you the skills you need to become an IT developer. It includes four Java courses consisting of various hands-on exercises to give students real-world experience:

  • Introduction to Java
  • Introduction to Object Oriented Programming with Java
  • Object-oriented hierarchies in Java
  • Java class library

Java programming: troubleshooting with software

Duke University offers Java Programming: Troubleshooting with Software through Coursera. Designed for students looking to improve their problem-solving and programming skills, this developer class teaches how to design algorithms, write and debug programs, and more.

Over 350,000 students are enrolled in Java Programming: Troubleshooting with Software. The developer class consists of modules on fundamental Java syntax and semantics, Java strings and CSV files, and basic statistics. The last module has students complete a mini project in which they must create a program that parses CSV files to determine the popularity of baby names.

Learn Java Programming – Beginner to Master

Over 51,000 students have enrolled in the Learn Java Programming: Beginner to Master course on Udemy. The Java course features over 61 hours of video-on-demand, and some of the biggest names, including Nasdaq and Volkswagen, have offered it to their employees to improve their programming knowledge and software development skills.

Some of the 31 sections in Learn Java Programming: Beginner to Master include:

  • Java Environment Configuration
  • Characteristics and Architecture
  • Operator and Expressions
  • String class and print
  • Object-oriented programming
  • conditional statements
  • Inner Classes
  • Interface
  • multi-threaded
  • Lambda Expressions
  • network programming

Once you’re done with the online course, you’ll have the skills to create your own Java applications, which can further your career as a software developer.

Java Programming Masterclass

Udemy’s Java Programming Masterclass features over 118 hours of video-on-demand to help you become a computer programmer. Beyond improving your Java skills, the Programming Masterclass will earn you a certification that can put your resume at the top of the heap when applying for developer positions.

The Java Programming Masterclass isn’t just theory, as it includes 53 coding exercises to help students practice their skills as they learn. Some of its 41 sections include:

  • IntelliJ Basics
  • expressions and statements
  • control flow
  • Nested classes and types
  • currents
  • JavaFX
  • Debugging and unit testing
  • databases

Java Programming for Complete Beginners

Udemy’s Complete Beginners Java Programming course has over 33 hours of video-on-demand, plus plenty of brain teasers and exercises to help you familiarize yourself with the programming language and master your interviews.

More than 211,000 students have taken this Java course that includes sections on object-oriented programming, conditionals, loops, reference types, arrays, and more.

final thoughts

Your desired career as a Java developer is much closer than you think. Take one or more of the courses above, and you’ll gain the Java programming skills and knowledge you need to get noticed by employers.

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