Biden to sign bipartisan infrastructure bill on Monday – live | News from the United States


Framed by shipping crates and cranes and a setting sun, Joe Biden took a long-awaited victory lap over the passage of his infrastructure law during a visit to the Port of Baltimore.

“Infrastructure week is finally here,” he said with a chuckle. The audience included dockside workers, several members of the Maryland congressional delegation, the mayor of Baltimore, and state governor Larry Hogan, a Republican who praised the bill’s passage.

During his remarks, Biden vowed to fight the inflation that is causing the price of “everything from a gall of gas to a loaf of bread” to rise.

Biden then offered a lengthy explanation of supply chains, something no one thinks about until needed, he said. He said recent actions taken by the White House to alleviate bottlenecks in the supply chain will help reduce prices and ensure shelves are stocked in time for the holidays. In the longer term, he said the infrastructure bill will help build greater resilience for future supply chain disruptions – pandemics, climate disasters or cyber attacks.

Biden has once again supported its Build Back Better agenda, which is tackling new hurdles in the wake of a Consumer Index report that showed a rise in prices. Senator Joe Manchin, already reluctant to the bill, said Washington “can no longer ignore the economic pain” caused by inflation.

Biden said addressing inflation is a “top priority” and reiterated the point in his remarks. He argued that his Build Back Better would help reduce inflation by easing financial pressures on American families, especially parents and the elderly.

“We will build a better America, not a joke,” he said. “We will make confusion in the world again, this is not a joke.”

But in typical Biden fashion, he concluded with a joke. acknowledging that it can be long-winded, she told a man in the crowd with “hair as small as mine” to put his hat back on.

“I’d put it back on – you’ll be cold,” he said.


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