Biden’s nominee for Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who appears to be another of his affirmative action staff, also appears to be a racist. – News Block

God knows the enemies of the United States who, given the chance, would destroy us as a nation without hesitation, have been given more than adequate reason to laugh hysterically at the unspeakable idiocy of our civilian leadership AND our trust in generals promoted not so much for their military competence as for their political reliability.

Not unlike the leadership of the Soviet armed forces under Stalin.

Our country deserves the best leadership that can be provided. The best policies The best team. The best living conditions for the Forces and their families. The best training. The best facilities. The best of everything we can provide for the sole purpose of fielding the best fighting force in the world.


But while our enemies train to destroy us… While our enemies train with weapons and tactics…

We waste time doing everything we can to socially engineer members of the US Military to the point where we fall short of our enlistment and retention goals; mainly because of the CRT (Critical Race Theory)/DEI (Diversity/Equity/Inclusion) madness rammed down the throats of the military, day after day is the order of the day.

Because we have wasted time and millions of dollars on the farce of training women for ground combat for YEARS while refusing to deploy them in those roles (have you ever seen a woman with a combat infantry badge? Why not? Women have been rated and assigned to the infantry since 2017. Why weren’t any of them assigned to ground combat units in Iraq or Afghanistan?) while spending additional millions on training and ineffective seminars on sexual harassment while simultaneously training our service members to believe they are misogynistic and/or racist.

There can be no disagreement that Biden’s last Supreme Court pick was nominated entirely because of his race (black) and his gender (female). She met Biden’s repeated criteria to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg at large, though she lacked a particularly distinguished legal career to back such a nomination.

Best known for being unable to define what a woman is, claiming that she was not a biologist; she is, essentially, a wasted seat, someone we would never have heard of if she had been any color other than black.

In the same vein comes Biden’s nominee to (finally) replace Army General Mark Milley, whose tenure was essentially characterized by admitting treason and claiming he would personally call on the Chinese if then-President Trump were considering launching an attack.

That man, Air Force Chief of Staff General CQBrown, signed a memo to the Air Force last October, stating, essentially, that the number of white Air Force officers should be reduced by 5,400 (9%) and that the diversity of the Air Force should reflect a representative sample of the population of the United States today.

The whole concept of the military is a color/gender blind meritocracy. It cannot be based on affirmative action.

We need the best possible officers and NCOs leading our men and women who signed up to risk their lives for this country in ALL services.

Affirmative action is an anachronism that, in the military, will get Americans killed.

Those who hold General Brown’s peculiar view should not only NOT become Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but should not be admitted to the military at all.

It is, in my humble opinion, no less racist than the Klan. And indeed, imagine General CQ White, stating that the US Army officer corps should reduce the number of black officers or service members by ANY amount… simply because they happen to be black.

Meanwhile, those who would destroy us have yet another reason to be rolling on the ground at the stupidity of both this leadership of the country and now, the prospective leadership of the actual US Military.

If it wasn’t so disgusting, I’d be hysterical.

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