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Big tech and Civil War enthusiasts collide on America’s historic battlefields.

Northern Virginia is home to many battlefields from the American Civil War, as well as the largest concentration of data centers in the world. Plans for more data centers are now facing conservationists and big tech companies.


10 Aug 2022

The first major battle of the American Civil War occurred in Manassas, Virginia.

Joe Benning/Alamy

The rural landscape of Northern Virginia is hallowed ground for enthusiasts of the American Civil War. Along its open farmland crisscrossed with split-rail fences, many of the Civil War’s most important battles took place, such as the first major clash of armies at the Battle of First Manassas. Today, there are spent ammunition, memorabilia, and even lost graves yet to be discovered. The most popular battlefields attract more than half a million tourists a year.

However, a new conflict is now…


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