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Birth of Ed Sheeran’s daughter Lyra from James Blunt album

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Ed Sheeran and his wife’s daughter, Cherry Seaborn, Lyra, have arrived to the world to the soundtrack of James Blunt’s “Back to Bedlam” album.

James Blunt and Ed Sheeran

The hitmaker “A Team” has been friends with the hitmaker “You Beautiful” for several years, and he and his wife have a special bond with the 47-year-old singer-songwriter and his wife, Sophia Wellesley.

And Ed, with the permission of his significant other, shared a touching story of how they played James’ 2004 album in the delivery room while waiting for their first child to arrive in September.

Hosting BBC Radio 2 with Joe Whitey, Ed shared, “I really asked Cherry if I could talk about it because it’s such a personal moment. You said what was in the playlist for Lyra’s birth. We were both big fans of this genre. James grew up and I was friends with him for several years. He went on tour with us and Cherry became very close to his wife and now we are very good family friends. And it seems rather strange to us, because we love his music. so much. We put “Back to Bedlam” in the delivery room and the album ended when Lyra arrived. “

Another song that is close to the heart of the Grammy winner is James’s 2019 ballad The Greatest, dedicated to his two sons, the eldest of whom Ed is the godfather.

Before playing the track, the musician said: “And he has a song that he wrote for his children, which appeared the moment she started crying and screaming. It was the most special and magical moment. We never told anyone or talked about it. , I don’t think any of my friends know about this. But when he was on the list, I asked Cherry, “Do you mind if I play this song?” But this is just a fantastic melody, and the moment is special for it. ”

Ed shared via email how much the song means to his family and wrote one of his funny jokes in response.

After the song was played, he added: “It will always be special to me. I emailed him a couple of days later and I wanted him to know that this song is just a very, very special moment in my family’s life right now. “

Joe asked, “What was his reaction?” To which Ed replied, “Oh, probably something pretty funny, yeah. He usually has some pretty harsh, funny emails that he sends back. “

Hear the full interview with Ed Sheeran on the BBC Sounds app.

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