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Jonah Hill was with Sarah Brady for several years, though no one really knows when things ended. They were together since February 2022, but then in August 2022, Jonah moved in with Olivia Millar. That’s when Jonah and Olivia started making French fries together. Then, in March of this year, we found out that Olivia and Jonah were expecting, and they welcomed their first child together at the end of May. This is just a backstory: Sarah Brady is not the girlfriend who had a baby with Jonah, and Jonah and Sarah probably broke up over a year ago. Well now Brady is revealing what it was really like dating Jonah. It turns out that he is a controlling emotional abuser who abuses therapeutic jargon to dictate that his girlfriend should not be friends with men or pose in a bathing suit (she is a surfer) or a model. Sarah Brady took to her IG Stories and posted tons of screenshots of some of the things Jonah texted her during her relationship:

I know there are some young women reading this site, and let me tell you something: run fast and away from any man who sends you this type of list of what they consider “unacceptable behavior.” Run away from men who claim that THEIR limits refer to YOUR body. Beyond the fact of the emotional abuse and Jonah’s need to control and isolate Brady, the list just reeks of his insecurity. He’s not man enough to be with a woman who has male friends. He’s not man enough to be with a surfer who models swimsuits. He’s not man enough to date a woman who has wild and fun girlfriends. Probably because those friends will tell her: no, honey, this guy is an idiot. Jonah Hill is a huge disappointment. Absolutely pathetic.

As I look at the other screenshots, from the beginning of their relationship, he was controlling and trying to dictate what she posted on her IG, and how she dressed and he really didn’t want anyone to see her (a surfer) in bathing suits. . They also went to couples therapy together for at least four months and the therapist said some really crazy things to Brady, like that he should give in to Jonah’s demands that he never talk to other men and that they needed a safe word. by the time Jonah was yelling at Sarah.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Cover Images, Sarah Brady IG.

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