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The thing that kills me about Susan Hussey’s Rehab is that no one cares about that old racist bag anyway. Like, all this effort, all this hand wringing and careful PR to rehabilitate an 84 year old woman who is still terribly racist, rude and well connected, and for what? Everyone knows that she is still terrible. Everyone knows that it is still deeply unpleasant. But people just accept it and for what? So an 84 year old can rub shoulders with King Charles and Queen Camilla and no one will say shit? Well, after Hussey was racist to Ngozi Fulani last November, she was fired from her emeritus position as some sort of Camilla’s lady-in-waiting. Except it only lasted a month or so before Buckingham Palace mounted a careful rehabilitation campaign to protect Hussey and bring her back into the royal fold. Hussey began appearing at royal events, continued to receive invitations to the palace, contacted her friends in the media, who dutifully proclaimed that she attends church with black people, therefore she is not a racist. . She attended the coronation and, last week, she laughed with the king and queen in the royal box at Ascot.

Lady Susan Hussey appears to have been reinstated as a permanent fixture at major royal events, having attended Ascot in the monarch’s box for the second day running. The former lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth II, known as the Queen’s Number One Laureate, was photographed smiling with Queen Camilla on the fourth day of the famous Berkshire race.

Lady Hussey was also seen chatting with the King in the royal box on Thursday, attending his coronation last month less than six months after resigning royal duties in the wake of a racial dispute. The 84-year-old was forced to step down from an honorary role supporting the King after being accused of “interrogating” a Buckingham Palace guest about where she was “really” from.

However, she was received back into the royal fold for a church service at Sandringham at the end of January. While she is no longer a palace employee, appearances of her in the royal box at Ascot this week suggest she has been welcomed back into the inner circle.

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Again, all this effort and for what? Are Charles and Camilla so desperate for racist companionship that Susan Hussey was the only one who could provide them with what they needed? It was clear from the start of this whole debacle that Camilla and Charles didn’t even care: they shared Susan Hussey’s views and mindset and, judging by these photos, her sense of humor. I can only imagine what racist crap Hussey said to make Camilla laugh like that.

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