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Each celebrity must decide where they will be on Independence Day. Do you go to the west coast and have a party on the beach in Malibu with people from the industry? Or do you prefer an East Coast vibe, a long weekend in the Hamptons, with a bunch of lavish parties scheduled across all industries? Well, Leonardo DiCaprio surprisingly decided to head to the Hamptons for the holidays, and was seen at various parties. Interestingly, Gigi Hadid also chose to spend the holidays in the Hamptons, and Gigi and Leo were spotted at various parties together. Keep in mind that Gigi has been suppressing Leo rumors for months now, while Leo has been spending a lot of time with British model Neelam Gill, even inviting Neelam to her yacht with her family. So I don’t know what this is about:

After spotting Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid partying together in the Hamptons for the second night in a row, a spy told Page Six: “They’re together.”

After we reported that the couple had “a vibe” while at a party in the Hamptons on Saturday night, we were told they were at another party together on Sunday. A source tells us the 48-year-old “Great Gatsby” actor and the 28-year-old model were spotted at Tao Group founder Marc Packer’s July 4th party.

They told us they were with a group that included The Ned’s Richie Akiva, businessman Bert Hedaya, Danny Abeckaser and Hadid’s friend Leah McCarthy.

Later, DiCaprio and Hadid were spotted at Akiva and Garry Kanfer’s bottle service party at Kissaki in the Water Mill. A spy tells us the pair were hanging out and playing songs by DJs JusSke, Rachel Winter, and Zach Bia. , saying that it looks like they are dating.

“They are together,” the witness insisted after seeing them interact.

Page Six previously reported that DiCaprio and Hadid were spending time together this weekend. On Saturday, they were seen chatting at tech guru David Rosenberg’s annual party in Bridgehampton. A witness told Page Six that there was a “vibe” between the two.

“The way they talked to each other. . . You could feel the energy,” the spy said.

(From page six)

My take: The backlash against Leo dumping Camila Morrone on her 25th birthday changed Leo and his whole gimmick. It was the first time his whole icky business had been exposed as common knowledge, the fact that he would rather curl up and die than date a woman after his 25th birthday. So he decided to broaden his girlfriend criteria and now date women. up to 29 years old. What’s happened is that Leo is experiencing a brave new world of dating: His dating pool has expanded and he’s enjoying it. He enjoys the Gigi rumors, enjoys spending time with Neelam, and still hangs out with other teen and 20-something models. Normally, he would have settled down with a 20-year-old by now and made the young woman his “official girlfriend”. He is trying to change. Gradually.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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