Black Lives Matter activist elected to Des Moines city council, says she wants to definance the police


Indira Sheumaker

A Black Lives Matter activist who wants to definance the police was elected to the Des Moines city council on Tuesday.

Des Moines Black Liberation Movement activist Indira Sheumaker ousted incumbent Bill Gray who had served since 2014.

Despite popular rejection of the far left’s desire to defund the police, the Iowa activist still plans to try to do just that.

“We just won our campaign on a platform focused on Defunding the Police for Safety and Justice. It can be done. My goal for this city has always been to work bottom-up, not top-down, ”Sheumaker said in a statement released on Tuesday.

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“We won the refund because people were inspired by our message, they wanted someone who wasn’t afraid,” he wrote in a tweet.

The leftist activist has raised $ 30,000 since February.

In Minneapolis, where George Floyd died in police custody, voters rejected a vote on the dissolution of the police department and the formation of a public security department.

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