Blowhard Al Gore supports technology that tracks greenhouse gas emitters like him


Democrats have been working on plans for years now track down and pursue skeptical of global warming.

Now, braggart Al Gore supports technology that tracks greenhouse gas emitters to harass and shame them.

Al could end up as the target of his own proposed technology. Gore’s power consumption has has risen over the past decade ever since the snake oil salesman started promoting his junk science on global warming.

through Breitbart:

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On Thursday, former Vice President Al Gore spoke about the technology created by the Climate TRACE coalition to monitor greenhouse gas emissions.

Gore, a longtime climate change activist, told MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” that the technology would be able to track the “identities” of those “responsible” for greenhouse gas emissions. He warned that the government or “civil society activists” would be able to hold them accountable.

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