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Elon Musk apparently took a break from training for his next battle royale with Mark Zuckerberg do something new and incredibly unpopular on Twitter this weekend. In a fit of inspired stupidity, Musk tweeted a new edict on Saturday: from now on, whoever does not pay for Twitter can only read a certain number of tweets per day. the later scandal of the platform’s users apparently encouraged some of them to seek refuge elsewhere, namely on Twitter’s competitor site Bluesky.

social blue sky is the new pet project of former Twitter messiah Jack Dorsey. The platform is similar to Twitter in many ways, except that it’s built around a decentralized protocol, which proponents say could release the platform of some of the controversies and complications of Dorsey’s earlier platform.

CNBC reports that Bluesky saw “record traffic” this weekend in the midst of Musk’s announcement of new tweet limits. The media reports that:

…people have turned to Bluesky, a pop-up text-based social networking site…Bluesky is still in an invite-only beta phase, and the company said in a post Saturday that its systems were experiencing “some degraded performance as a result of record traffic.” The platform also had to temporarily pause logging to address performance issues.

Bluesky is currently “invite only” which means that to get an account, you have to be invited by a current Bluesky user, who will send you a code that can then be used to set up an account. With that in mind, Bluesky’s “record high traffic” over the weekend may have been a sign of a flurry of new accounts being activated or it could have been a sign that new users who had already set up accounts were using Bluesky more. never. It is not entirely clear. Gizmodo reached out to Bluesky for additional details.

Twitter has been on a downward spiral of epic proportions since Musk took over late last year. Some critics think that could finally be a toast. Still, alternative platforms (such as decentralized sites Mastodon and our) have so far failed to pose a real threat to Twitter’s status as the king of microblogging.

Bluesky might (one day) change that. However, so far, it’s still a platform with a small user base and big, big dreams. Currently, the social network claims to have approximately 50,000 users. The protocol on which it is based is still under development, with the company Saying that It is “close to completion”.

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