BMW X5M Competition vs Grand Cherokee Trackhawk vs Range Rover Sport SVR

First lieutenant


Drives: ’16F80, TR6, Defender, PA23-250T

Date of registration: March 2014

Location: CYVR

List of garages

So, in the first race, the guy turned on the AC (2:07), which steals energy, as well as being incompetent with sports settings. When it’s this close, it makes a significant difference, which becomes evident when the drivers change and someone else drives the Bimmer, which then wins,
He also said at the end that the Range Rover was heavier, which is why he lost. Not according to the weights it displayed at 0:45…. the Track Hawk is 200 lbs heavier than both.
Camera placement and editing aren’t as good as Drag Times … however, interesting to see the comparison, despite the incompetence.


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