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Bo Dietl talks about meeting Melissa and Joe Gorga, says

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Private investigator Bo Dietl spoke about his meeting with Melissa and jose gorgacriticized Joe for suggesting he was lying about investigating the Real Housewives of New Jersey thrown out, and said daisy josephs to “sleep well tonight”.

At the recent meeting, Luis Ruelas he said he never hired Bo to investigate his co-stars, despite a previous comment suggesting otherwise. In the recording, many of the castmates insinuated that Luis was lying.

About him Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast, Bo said that he, Luis and his wife teresa guidice they’ve “been out to dinner parties a lot,” and he addressed the rumor that he was brought in to investigate the co-stars.

“Louis never hired us. And I’m very specific in how I say it, because there’s a reason. Louie never hired us to do backgrounds on any of the cast members. I say it for a reason. Because if he hired me to do anything more than that, it’s a confidential investigation,” he explained.

The private investigator discussed his meeting with Joe and Melissa at a New Jersey restaurant.

“I was in Avra ​​with my friend burkecapone and a couple of my boys. And the next thing is like, who’s sitting next to me is Melissa and a girl… (and) she’s like, ‘oh, that’s the guy who keeps doing all the events for me.’ I said, ‘Melissa, let me tell you something. I tell you straight to your face. That is not true.'”

He continued: “I said, ‘Where is your husband? …Tell him to come here. He sits with me and I said, ‘Let me, let me tell you once, it’s okay, Louie never hired me. I’ve never done anything about you, Joe. If you can’t accept it, tough.’”

According to Bo, Joe later indicated that he did not believe her. “When he says, ‘I don’t believe you’… don’t call me a liar. Because if you call me a liar, you know what I’m going to do. I’ll investigate you on my own, with my own money, and I’ll find all your dirt. So let’s not have a little battle here because you’re going to lose. And that’s not a threat. All I’m saying is don’t call me a liar,” Bo said.

He added: “If I did, where is the evidence? If he had done all that, I’m sure Louis would have thrown it in his face, but he never did. And anyone listening or anyone online, think about it. If I did, why wouldn’t Louis come out with it?

Bo was then asked if Luis would be in breach of contract if Luis had mentioned Bo after signing a contract to investigate the castmates.

“The point is that we are a private investigator. Confidentiality is the most important thing. So if Louie hired me and signed a contract to do background checks on the cast members, he would be under that confidentiality. So he wouldn’t be able to talk about it. Otherwise, he would be in breach of my contract,” Bo said. “If it’s going to be a confidential investigation, I shouldn’t have any right to talk about my investigation.”

The IP insisted that he was not hired to investigate the cast. “For me to do investigations with all those cast members, Lou would have (had) to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars. Why would he do something for free in my business?” he asked.

Bo expressed, “Everyone has skeletons,” and addressed the cast members directly. “I never did anything to you. So sleep well tonight. What’s the name of that blonde? Margaret, sleep well tonight. We did not do anything. So all that, all that money you put under your mattress, don’t worry about it. Bo is not investigating you.

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