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Every powerful Bollywood superstar forms a lobby with his friends.

They only work with each other and never with anyone outside of their own group.

It’s not just talent that helps you get into these groups. Thousands of talented youngsters come to Mumbai every year.

These bands have a typical modus operandi. They force you to commit an act that can be considered a crime. The “crime” can be anything from substance abuse, prostitution, or money laundering.

You do it as part of a group, but then your “teachers” take over your life once you do it.

They keep a record and keep remembering “what you did”.

Blackmail prevents him from leaving the gang.

Once you get into these gangs, they don’t let you out.

  1. the c gang

These groups are led by prominent directors. You have to be a chain smoker of weed and occasionally abuse substances (like cocaine). Your main job (besides your day job) will be to ensure a constant supply of weed and narcotics to your “masters”. One of the most famous faces in this group is a commercially unsuccessful anti-national director who is always hooking up and smoking. These gangs also force you to take prohibited narcotic substances such as white powder or blue pills during parties or informal gatherings. Once you enter this gang, it will destroy your health forever. There is no way back. You will most likely end up severely depressed and a lifelong substance abuser.

  1. the d gang

This gang is one of the oldest and is a holdover from 1990s Bollywood when it was dominated by the Dawood Ibrahim gang. Today, this gang is popularly known as the DK Gang (Dubai-Karachi Gang) due to their loyalty to Pakistani artists. During the 1990s, these people got their funds from the underworld. Nowadays, this gang specializes in pimping actors, singers, etc. from Pakistan in Bollywood. Not only in Bollywood, they work as agents for Pakistani artists for world tours, award ceremonies, etc. They are the ones who maintain contacts with hard-line criminals and pressure superstars to sign on to private mob-financed films. Some of the oldest Bollywood producers are part of this gang.

  1. The O gang:

This group usually organizes an orgy party every fortnight and you will have to actively participate in it. You generally need to be sexually fluid and pansexual (that you can engage in sexual activity with people of all sexual orientations) to participate in these parties. The more actively you participate in the actions within the matches, the more favors you will earn with your masters.

  1. The W gang:

The W gang or white collar gangs use the black money from businessmen and use it in movies and convert it into white money. To qualify for this group, you must be a trusted personality who will never divulge information. He must also come up with new ways to launder money for Bollywood-related businessmen.

  1. The E gang:

This gang of exploiters or gang E is the smallest but the most dangerous. This group works for the four groups above and usually involves lesser known filmmakers and directors. After detecting a talent, they use it only to exploit it. They never pay you any money, you are overworked and are constantly being made fun of for various reasons. Only those people who are very desperate to survive in Bollywood will be able to survive through this gang.

  1. The gang N:

The N gang or the Nepotism gang is perhaps the most famous of all gangs and may consist of members of all of the above gangs. They make sure that children of film families are well cared for in the industry.

  1. youhe P Gang:

The P Gang or the Prostitution Gang specializes in supplying men and women for orgies or influential clients. If you are a well-known actress or actor, your price goes up several notches on the black market of prostitution. You never get a cut of the money they pay to sleep with you because the group tells you it’s all part of the “fight.” This is the oldest gang in Bollywood that has been operating for the last 60 years or so. Most of these actors become full-time sex workers after failing in their careers.

  1. youhe G Gang:

Gay gang or G gang is very influential in Bollywood. You have to be gay to be part of the gang. This is a subset of the prostitution gang. The problem is that many heterosexual people are forced to be part of this group. This forces many people into severe depression. Many of the best producers, film critics, heads of film and commercial magazines are members of this exclusive group.

  1. The K gang:

The Kitty Party gang or the K gang mainly consists of mothers and wives of famous actors and producers. They organize these kitty parties at their house and decide the future of many star children. Many future actors find themselves serving food at such parties. This gang controls the bulk of most Bollywood A-listers and is a cradle of nepotism.

  1. The gang N:

Urban Naxal gang or N gang is the most secret and dangerous of all. They are usually communists or anti-Hindutva at heart. To qualify for this group, you must have strong anti-national sentiments against your own country. You have to actively participate in all the discussions where you need to say derogatory things about Bharat. Remember, you have to do this all the time and on demand. Your teachers must be sure that you are against the very concept of Bharat before they recruit you.
Most of them are actively involved in crimes against the nation and subtly promote the propaganda of Naxalism in the country. They also secretly contribute money to banned Naxal outfits. The gang has many prominent actors and directors as part of its group. Some of the members of this gang are prominent social media influencers.

Bollywood is one of the most unprofessional and sinister places to work for an outsider, especially those who come from small towns in India.

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