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As Biden’s border crisis progresses, stories of illegal foreigners pouring into the country from Mexico are as common as leaves falling from trees this time of year. But not all of these “migrants” are simply part of the heaped masses who wish to breathe freely. Some of them are hardened criminals and repeat offenders, including some of the more annoying criminals we encounter. It was like this last week when customs and border police managed to intercept two illegal criminals in the space of an hour trying to make his way into the country via the Mexican border in the Rio Grande valley. Both men were identified as convicted of sex offenders who had previously plundered children. (free flag)

Two illegal immigrants who had previously been deported for sexually assaulting children were arrested on Monday within two hours of each other in the Rio Grande valley.

Customs and border protection revealed that one of the illegal immigrant sex offenders originally came from Guatemala and was found with a group of other migrants trying to enter the United States via the southern border near Rio Grande City, Texas. After his arrest, border police officers found that he had been arrested in 2019 by the LAPD for lewd or lewd acts with a child under the age of 14. He served 180 days in prison for the crime before his deportation.

About an hour later, according to CBP, officers from the Texas Department of Public Safety sought assistance from border patrol officers at Fort Brown after a suspected illegal immigrant escaped from his vehicle during a traffic arrest.

The first migrant, a Guatemalan man, had just been deported last year after serving six months in prison for sexual assault on a child under 14. Now that the welcome mat has been put out by the Biden administration, he obviously went up through Mexico and attempted to blend in with the rest of the caravan and cross into Texas.

The second held not so far was no better. He had been spotted in a vehicle along with several other illegal aliens and attempted to escape from the police after they were stopped. He is a native of Mexico who was convicted in 2011 of sexual assault on a 12-year-old boy in Brownsville, Texas. This led to him in prison for six years and he was only deported earlier this year. Thus, within a few months, he was found crossing our country again.

So if these are two of the clandestine criminals who prey on children that we have managed to capture, the alarming question to be faced is how many of them we do not take on a daily basis. There are record numbers of illegal immigrants having “encounters” with border officials this year and we also have solid estimates of how many “escaped” aliens are breaking through. (One estimated 50,000 of them in October alone.)

With our border assets completely overwhelmed, it is physically impossible to capture, hold, and accurately identify them all. And those with a criminal record have the greatest motivation to try to escape or lie about their identity if we can stop them. This was certainly the case with the illegal migrant who killed the father of the family who tried to help him after recently lying about his age and identity.

This is the true and vastly underestimated cost of Joe Biden’s border policies. But instead of finishing the construction of the wall and sending more troops to stop the flow, the White House continues to turn a blind eye to what is happening on the southern border and pretend that all is well. But everything is far from “good”. President Biden is empowered in this plan by most of the mainstream media who prefer to report on anything but what is happening over there. And as long as he remains in office and is in charge of our border control agencies, nothing will change.


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