BOXXER Series: Lee Appleyard Pushes Levi Kinsiona as Tempers Flare Up for Saturday’s Tournament | Boxing news


Lee Appleyard pushed Levi Kinsiona as tempers flared among the super lightweights at the weigh-in for the BOXXER Series tournament in Liverpool.

Eight fighters will face off in the thrilling one night tournament, live on Sky Sports, with the winner securing a big cash prize in Liverpool.

Nathan Bennett had a heated head-to-head with Kane Gardner

Quarter-finals of the BOXXER series:
Kane Gardner vs. Nathan Bennett
Tom Farrell versus Ben Fields
Lee Appleyard vs. Levi Kinsiona
Sean Dodd vs. Cori Gibbs

Appleyard was drawn against Kinsiona, rekindling their rivalry after past sparring sessions, and they exchanged heated words before the Rotherham boxer lashed out.

“I just don’t like the baby now,” Appleyard said Sky Sports. “I don’t like his arrogance.

“I’ll be on his chest and hit him.

“You won’t realize how busy I am.”

Kinsiona shrugged off the confrontation, saying Sky Sports: “He’s getting a little agitated.

“We don’t let emotions get the better of us.

“He’s a 33-year-old man. Behave at your age.”

Kane Gardner and Nathan Bennett have also been estranged after being embroiled in a rabid confrontation.

“Can’t wait until tomorrow night. Demolition work,” Gardner said.

Each contestant weighed within the limit, with Sean ‘Masher’ Dodd raising cheers from the crowd after lifting opponent Cori Gibbs off his feet.

“It’s all play and fun, but we’re going to work tomorrow,” Gibbs said. “I’m serious tomorrow. This is my tournament.”

Tom Farrell, a top-tier amateur, hopes to revive his career by taking on Ben Fields in his opening bout.

“There are no easy fights, everyone is capable in their own way,” said Farrell.

“Ben is a tough opponent, but I’m more than ready.”

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Watch the BOXXER series, a dramatic Saturday night tournament, live on Sky Sports from 8pm.


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