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BREAKING UPDATE: Leftist Writer Juraj Cintula Arrested Following Attempted Assassin of Populist Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico – Shot Him 5 Times! – VIDEO OF SHOOTING | The Gateway Pundit

Leftist writer Juraj Cintula is arrested after he fired five shots at populist Prime Minister Rovert Fico in Slovakia today.

BREAKING UPDATE: Prominent leftist writer Juraq Cinula was arrested following the attempted assassination of populist Slovakian President Robert Fico.

As reported earlier — Conservative-Populist Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico was shot today and wounded at a government meeting.

Conservative-populist Slovakian Prime Minister is dragged to his car after he was shot today.

According to reports Prime Minister Fico is alive and in a helicopter on his way to a hospital in Bratislava.

Robert Fico was shot FIVE TIMES by the deranged leftist!

There is video of Robert Fico being dragged to this car after he was shot.

The Gateway Pundit heard from our close friend in Europe who is a friend of Fico who tells us Fico is wounded but expected to live. He is in the hospital.

Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico

After Fico was appointed Prime Minister of Slovakia he immediately ended military aid to Ukraine.

Robert Fico Formally Appointed as Prime Minister of Slovakia – Immediately Ends Military Aid to Ukraine, Says Russia and the US Must Agree on Peace Terms

Robert Fico is also a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump.

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