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Ditch the Vibranium for LEGO bricks.

LEGO Captain America shield on a window seal.

If you’re a fan of the many great LEGO Marvel sets, you’ll love Captain America’s massive new shield. At first glance, it looks like an epic cosplay accessory, but you probably don’t want to throw this LEGO set away and have it break into 3,100 pieces.

In the last few months, LEGO has released countless big sets for builders. Everything from the LEGO Batcave, the new Technic Crane series, a Disney castle, and now one of the most iconic items in the MCU.

I’m talking about Captain America’s shield in all its glory. Unfortunately, it’s not made of Vibranium, but it’ll still look fantastic on a shelf, in your game room, or anywhere after you shell out $200 to get it. Check it out in the following video.

As you can see, this is not your average LEGO build. For one, it’s not easy to turn LEGO bricks into something round, but the company did it, and amazingly.

The LEGO Captain America Shield is not quite life-size, but it is very close. He will slowly assemble 3128 bricks and build a round shield nearly 19 inches in diameter.

A LEGO set this size can’t go anywhere, but luckily LEGO ships each one with a stand and decorative nameplate. Then, in typical LEGO fashion, you’ll still find a small Captain America minifigure holding another shield. The game also comes with a little Thor’s hammer, but good luck trying to pick it up.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t an easy build, especially considering there are over 3,100 LEGO bricks in the set. The company says it’s for adults and that it will be a “rewarding challenge” as you put it together, brick by brick, and create your own piece of comic book history.

While there are several different Marvel sets available, like last year’s amazing full-size LEGO Thor’s hammer or the new Spider-Man art set, Captain America’s latest Shield is one of the biggest Marvel builds. of history.

Like almost every other recently announced LEGO game, the new LEGO Captain America Shield won’t be available until August 1st. However, it is now available for pre-order from the link below.

LEGO Captain America Shield

Protect yourself with Captain America’s shield, only in LEGO form. This awesome set features over 3,100 bricks and costs $199.

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