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With the much talked about release of his new duo ‘Take care of your own business’, Britney Spears and William Send a defiant message to detractors around the world who continue to disrespect and invade your privacy.

More than a decade since they first came into the studio together to work on tracks for Spears’ seventh studio album. ‘Femme Fatale’ In 2010/2011, the duo went back to their archives to revisit a song they initially collaborated on a few years ago, inspired by conversations about fame and the overwhelming mass attention that often comes with it.

Set against an enigmatic and captivating beat, the single’s irresistible hook and infectious energy combine with Will’s undeniable charisma and Britney’s unmatched attitude to create a ferocious electro-pop dance anthem that seems destined to become one of their best. he defining songs of summer 2023.

Speaking exclusively to, Spears says of the song: “We worked on this song years ago, and it was time to get back to producing it and sharing it with my amazing fans. We went back and forth to make the song more current and add a heavy base and chorus to it. It’s fun, cheesy and edgy, a perfect song for summer.”

Will added: “Every person, famous or not, has their privacy invaded in some way in this digital age. It’s a sentiment for the times, so we need to be more human with each other, respect and empathize with each other, and be grateful for what people choose to share publicly. If people don’t want to share, we must respect their right not to share and to have a private life”.

Serving as a prelude to’s upcoming fifth solo album, the song follows the two artists’ triple-platinum selling collaborative single from 2012. ‘Scream and shout’which became the first number 1 song on billboard Table of dance / electronic songs.

Listen to ‘Take care of your own business’ below:

‘TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN BUSINESS’ comes on the heels of Britney’s 2022 collaboration with Elton John “Hold Me Closer” – a reinvented version of his hit ‘Little Dancer’ – and the news that he will be releasing his highly anticipated memoir titled “The Woman in Me” later this year.

Described as being a “a brave and amazingly moving story” about “freedom, fame, motherhood, survival, faith and hope”the book will be published on October 24, 2023.

By announcing the details of its existence on social media, the ‘Give me more’ The singer wrote to fans: “It’s coming, my story, on my terms… finally. Are you ready?”

‘TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN BUSINESS’ is available to download/stream via Epic Records now.

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