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Britney Spears: I will not perform on stage “With my dad driving what I wear”

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Britney Spears, whose legal battle against his conservatorship and his father Jamie spears has become a cause cause, she took to her Instagram on Saturday to address her family and critics.

The singer went up to picture It said, “Take me as I am or KISS MY ASS, EAT SHIT AND WALK IN LEGOS.” In his caption, he also responded to those who have criticized his recent series of dance routines at home.

“I won’t be performing on any stage anytime soon with my dad managing what I wear, say, do or think,” he explained. “I’d rather share YES videos from my living room rather than onstage in Las Vegas where some people were so far away that they couldn’t even shake my hand and I ended up getting weed all the time,” he added.

Earlier this week, Spears told a court hearing that she wants to charge her father with “guardianship abuse” and used the popular hashtag #FreeBritney in an Instagram post.

In her last post, she accused her “supposed support system” of hurting her deeply and said, “this conservatorship killed my dreams.” She specifically wrote that she did not like it when her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, sang remixes of his songs at an awards show. She is probably referring to the Radio Disney Music Awards in 2017 and a slightly altered performance of “Till the World Ends”.

He concluded by reaffirming the value of hope, dreams and fairy tales. She also told people who weren’t interested in hearing what she had to say to kindly go fly a kite. (She put it in other terms).

Quick to reply to Britney’s missive were Paris hilton, who wrote: “Yes, live your beautiful life! You deserve your happiness! “with emojis, Selma blair, who wrote: “I love you. And that. I love seeing you on your own terms, “and Snooki, who invited Spears to perform in his living room any day. Recently, Spears’ memorable dance partner on stage Virgin joined the growing list of celebrities who voiced their support for Spears in her legal battle.

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