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With 26.3 million views for the hashtag. #butter board Alone, butter boards are definitely exploding on the social media video platform. So don’t be surprised if, this coming holiday season, you show up at someone’s house for a festive gathering and are presented with a cutting board thickly buttered and covered with, well, all sorts of things.

“Have you heard of a butter board?” ask TikToker and recipe developer Justine Doiron (@justine_snacks) in a video which has racked up 7.9 million views in just five days and has caused a frenzy. “That’s what one looks like and I want to make them the next charcuterie board. Not to usurp charcuterie, but maybe a little bit.”

In a video that shows her generously spreading two sticks of softened butter on a (cute, loaf-shaped) wooden cutting board, Doiron explains that the concept, which she attributes to chef and cookbook author Josh McFaddenIt’s perfect for when you’re hosting a group of people.

Basically, “you spread a bunch of softened butter on a plate, add tons of flaky salt, tons of lemon zest, whatever herb or dressing you want,” advises Doiron, sharing that he’s adding “edible flowers and as a cilantro situation with honey”. to his board.

The board is meant to be served with warm bread, and, he says, “It feels really communal. I love it.”

Even as Doiron’s video went viral, some commenters expressed skepticism.

“During covid, everyone was wearing gloves, masks and staying 6 feet apart. Now we share small food tables and scrape butter off the same plate,” one noted.

“No TY I don’t trust double dippers,” another wrote, before allowing, “I’d do this myself though.”

Doiron apparently felt compelled to weigh in on the controversy. “Didn’t expect this to blow up but YOU CAN USE A KNIFE LIKE A CHEESE BOARD CALM DOWN Ok ly,” he wrote.

However, other commenters were interested.

“If hummus and pita are too exotic for you, then this is just what you need,” one fan wrote.

“This sounds amazing oh my gosh,” replied another.

“I want to LIVE on that butter board!!” exclaimed a third.

Other TikTok users have taken the concept of McFadden’s butter board, Doiron’s viral post promotion, and added their own twists.

Based in Canada @lamodernona he makes his butter board with fig preserves, fresh fig slices, hot honey, and walnuts “for crunch.” “A butter board IS THE MOST BRILLIANT IDEA I’VE EVER FOUND” she springs in a video posted just three days ago and viewed more than 2.6 million times. (She substitutes creamy goat cheese for butter, in another version.)

Food Network recipe developer Amanda Neal calls the butter boards a “clever idea.” “It’s basically a compound butter, but it layers beautifully on a little cheese board,” says Neal.

For a better butter board, Neal recommends using salted butter and/or a generous pinch of flaked sea salt on top, “because of the ratio of butter to other ingredients.”

I guess we all get on board with this trend!



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