Caleb Martin’s electrifying performance leads Heat to NBA Finals – News Block

The NBA community has dubbed the Heat an “underdog” team, but the Heat have changed the narrative. The Heat’s unlikely postseason run continues. After entering this postseason as the eighth seed, eliminating two-time MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks. After stunning the Bucks in five games and the New York Knicks in six, the Miami Heat were in an epic ECF rematch with the reigning Conference Champions. Despite losing three in a row after going up 3-0, it was resilience and togetherness that survived the Celtics. Just a year ago, Jimmy Butler predicted after losing to the Celtics in 2022 that the Heat would return to this position and “make it.”

“I really believe in myself and this group of guys, and the team that Coach Pat, Coach Spo and everyone else have built. I see it every day, I know what good players we have, I know what a good team we are, and we made it happen.” – Jimmy Butler

But still, the Heat aren’t satisfied, as Butler has his sights set on bringing a Championship back to Miami. The Heat, still facing another task overall, will insist on their toughness and defensive prowess. For Miami, the odds are in their favor. League sources have reported that the Heat await the return of guard Tyler Herro, who suffered a broken wrist in the first round. Herro is aiming for a Game 3 return according to the report. Game 1 of the NBA Finals will kick off Thursday night live from Mile High’s Ball Arena. Live coverage will begin at 7:30 pm ET. on A.B.C.

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